Thursday, April 30, 2009

Popsicles for Playgroup

Mason loves popsicles so we thought we could make a healthier less "red mouth staining" version of this tasty treat for our Neighborhood Playgroup since it was our turn to Host this week. The kids loved these since it was such a hot day out yesterday. Cari especially liked matter how many times she kept dropping it in the grass after a simple rinse off, it was good as new!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Our Roses are a Bloomin"

Each year we are amazed at the beautiful flowers that grow in our yard. We have some many wonderful shady trees and greenery throughout but this is our one and only touch of color and we grow to appreciate each time it blooms. Happy Spring from us to you!!!

Growing Up in PillowCase Dresses

Some may already know that Carissa (and of course Mommy) love these dresses. Simple,practical, adorable and easy to get on/off, these dresses last a lifetime. Starting with a few from my friend, Caryn, then some special ones from Grandma Icenbice and Auntie Val made last summer, these are the dresses that keep on giving. Last summer a cute dress and then this summer some of these dresses are already turning into fabulous tops to wear with shorts.

We are so thankful to have such nice people in our lives to make these for Cari and she can't wait to wear some of the dresses that we made too big last year throughout the summer!
Check out How Carissa has already grown out of this dress Aunt Val made last summer and is now sporting it as a cute top with shorts

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

Mason was so excited today to pick out flowers for his teachers Ms. Shari and Ms. Emily at Forest Hill Preschool....we went from Fresh Market to Traders Joes to Finally the Local Garden Center and decided to get some pretty flowers that could actually be planted and grow and grow......Just as Mason's Teachers have watched him do this past school year.
Thanks for all your hard work, patience and love......
Love, Mason Galbraith

Friday, April 24, 2009

Carmel Park Adventures

Mason and Carissa Love Love Love.....playing at the parks and who can argue with play that will eventually bring your child to sleep a short while after exhaustion....after a nice dinner out with the family, we took the kids to play at Carmel Road Park before it got too dark.....Carissa has just learned to go down the slide by herself and is very proud and Mason loves finding sticks and going on the jungle gyms...All together it was a fun night and the kids are already asleep....
til tomorrow!!!

WaterPlay and Hot Days

We had a great day today and spent most of it playing in the water outside....It was a hot 89 degrees out and we had over some friends: Dylan and Sophie to share in a little splashing and sand play....Today our friend Sophie turned One Years old!!! Happy Birthday!! We can't wait for summer to begin

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Little Mama

Carissa has a new found love for her babydolls....Since she has been walking you will rarely see her without one. She tends to her babies with the utmost care and it is so sweet to watch her feed them, walk them in her stroller and drag them around like little cavemen by there yarn sewn hair. She actually plays with the cabbage patch we got her for Christmas this year and mine (some 30 years old!!) They look almost identical for being so far apart...but she loves them all the same!! (My old Doll has the dark brown hair and is wearing a purple outfit made for me when I was little by My Great Grandma Robbins) and Cari's Doll is the one she got from her GaGa for Xmas and is wearing a white plaid outfit. We Love Our Little Mama!!!

Lovin this Carolina Spring

Warm weather is vastly approaching and we all could not be happier!!! Charlotte is known for it's modestly short winters which is great for our family because we love to be outside. From checking out new parks nearby to playing in our own backyard, we can't wait to get past allergy season and enjoy this great weather. Have a great Weekend.....we are suppose to be in the 80's the rest of this week:)

Mason's Favorite Outdoor Obsessions

Mason loves this time of year....he loves to do anything outside. Some of his favorite pastimes includes: Saying Good Morning/Good Night and Happy Naptime to the Ants that have taken up residence on our tree in the front yard, Chalking Pictures of Centipedes across the driveway, "Taking care of the big loads" (digging,scooping,dragging the leaves/dirt with the rake). Playing in the sandbox and recently has taken a love to climbing trees. Happy Spring little Guy, hope there is enough out there to keep you entertained throughout the ENTIRE summer!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Birthdays and More Birthdays

I am finally getting up a few photos from the kids recent birthdays. Carissa celebrated her 1st Birthday feb. 17th with a fun Cupcake Party and visit from family while Mason enjoyed his 3rd Birthday earlier this month with a cool Digger and Dumptruck Birthday Party for friends. Both kids have grown up so fast.....Carissa was walking all over the place at 13 months, waves Bye Bye, and eats everything in site...especially green beans. Mason amazes us everyday with what he has learned. He loves dirt, sand and centipedes. You will never see him without a bouncy ball from Old Navy, we have quite the collection now. Both kids keep us busy and loving life. Happy Birthday to Our Little Ones!!!! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miss Lila's First Birthday Party

Today we had the pleasure of attending Lila's First Birthday Party...Although it was a bit rainy rainy outside for a party, inside was nothing but magical for a little girl that got to indulge herself in her own personal froggy cake. I will have to get some cute cake pictures from Molly. Here are just a few shots of the party guests. We had a good time playing and catching up with friends, any good excuse not to finish the yardwork we had started just 2 days earlier!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Riverbanks Zoo Trip

We took the kids on a great trip to the Columbia SC Zoo. Mason loved feeding the birds nectar as they swooped around our heads and we had a great time checking out all the cool animals. The kids played in the flowers and had a picnic lunch. The Grizzly Bears put on quite a show that day and we were thankful to have front row seats!