Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pineville Park and Sonic Fun Adventure


It has been a rainy few days so it has prevented us from doing anything is still wet and we are suppose to get afternoon storms but we decided to take the kids to Pineville Park for some playtime and then head to their favorite: Sonic for lunch...they got their new summer line of slushies which were super yummy and everyone ate there lunch and enjoyed a magical pony ride next to our table:) It's so nice to pack the kids up and do random things in fact most of what we do is planned within ten minutes of walking out the door sometimes in the car as we leave our neighborhood too...of well at least we have all the kids that's enough organizing and planning in itself:) They loved the giant tires and riding scooters at the park too!

Last Day of School...Yay Summer!

So the last day is finally here...the kids went to school this morning for just a few hours to say goodbye to their friends and collect their report cards. They bolted off the bus ready to start a few months of freedom and fun....Our neighbor Kelly made a super cute sign to welcome the kids home and so begins a summer of sun, swimming, backyard play, friends, cookouts and more. Well it will probably start tomorrow after the rain:) Hopefully it does not rain all summer like last year...there was barely a week last year that didn't have loads of rain. We were suppose to head to the beach today but as it is raining outside I think we will have to wait until a nicer day, 6 hours total of driving is a little much if the weather isn't great:( Will have to figure out something fun for today instead. Welcome Summer of 2014!!!! We are glad you are here!

Mason's Team wins Baseball Championship


What a great way to end the season...Mason's team, the Seminoles, won the entire season without a ingle loss. The kids worked really hard and had some awesome coaches. The last few games were close but the pulled through and did awesome...this was another one of those perfect times I brought the camera but it had no sd card in it so one of the other mom's was nice enough to forward on some pictures of the team from after the championship game....looking forward to the team party at Sport's Connection next weekend too!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2nd Grade Awards Assembly



Mason has had an awesome year in 2nd Grade. We love Indian Land Elementary and have been lucky to get two great teachers so far for Mason.  He got 2 awards One he had Honor Roll for the entire school year and also he got an award for Most Improved Maps Scores in Reading...Yeah Mason!!! He has made good friends and done some cool things in class....some of his most memorable would be the can food drive: Gamecocks vs Clemson, the Boosterthon Fun Run, and The chicks in the incubators and Catapillars at their desks.! He also loved to share all his pictures he would take at the zoo, he would email them to Mrs. Jacobs and she would share them with the class on the smart board in class the next day.  We were so thankful also to secure Mason an 504 plan that will help him be the best he can be for years to come during his education out 3rd grade....Mason's on his way!!!