Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Parade in Matthews 2014

Such a nice breezy morning as we headed to downtown Matthews to watch the Labor Day Parade on Main Street.  They also had a huge festival that takes place at the same time each year but it ended up being pretty warm out there so we were content watching the marching bands, cheerleaders, shriners and more.  This year was cool they had a WW2 Plane flying over the parade, they said it was the only plane left in the US from WW2 that was able to take flight:)  The kids got some icecream sorbet from a vendor right next to where we were sitting and they were able to catch a few candies from the clowns:)  It is such a cute parade and what better way to celebrate this holiday weekend....tonight we are off to get Ice Cream at Sweet Frogs with the kids and then off to bed to gear up for Carowinds in the morning:)