Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween Night in BridgeMill

This Halloween the kids had a great time trick or treating in our new neighborhood. The nice thing was is that our street has so many house they just made the loop a few times and got plenty of candy. They had fun going around with our neighbors, this year mommy stayed back to pass out candy...the babies ate more lollipops than they weigh and Mason and Cari loved passing out Candy to their friends..I told them when our big bucket was gone it was time for bed so Mason got mad at Carissa everytime she gave a handful of candy...he is now old enough to know that one piece per child ensures a later bedtime:)  Loving Halloween and all of the kids were too cute!!!!

Pumpkin Carving with the kiddies

This year Mason was finally able to carve his own pumpkin...well at least cut the top off, clean it out and help Dad do the intricate carving.  Carissa had a great time cleaning the guts out of her plump orange little man and Jack helped out by eating the extra guts:) Ryder did not love it and would have rather just played in the backyard...oh well maybe next year...even though they were not the best carvings they still looked cool lit up on the front porch on Halloween night:)