Monday, January 28, 2013

Jackson's 1st Bowl of Cereal

So this morning we had finished breakfast and I thought I would try to give Jack a little cereal...I gathered all the food, spoon, juice to mix etc...and the camera.  I expected to try to feed him a little...get some yucky faces and snap a few pictures....Last year at this same time Ryder made yucky faces and never really ate the cereal...EVER!!!  He also kept pushing it out with his these were my expectations with Jack..   Got the camera ready and put the first bite in.....BUT...this little guy made no yucky faces, didn't push it out and in fact opened his mouth for sure are different.  Jack happily ate the entire bowl!!!  Here's to hoping that prune juice doesn't kick in anytime soon:)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy 2013

Thank you to my sweet family for the fun birthday party this afternoon and to Chemeeka for the yummy surprise cupcakes on my front porch!!!  It is great turning another year older.....34 years!!! Wow!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jackson turns 4 months and Ryder 15 months old

Our little man is 4 months old this month....he is the sweetest smiley little guy around.  At 4 months Jack is 17lbs and is finally starting to use his hands to reach for toys on his play bar...He has good neck control and is just starting to use the exersaucer.  He eats about 5-6 oz every 3 hours and we are looking forward to starting cereal this month.  Jack sleeps usually from midnight to 6:30am....not too bad I have to say:)  He laughs so loud and smiles at mommy all the time.  His brothers and sister all love much!  Mason will always try to lay with him and gets him to laugh by calling him "Jwackie Dwake" Carissa is such a little mommy and keeps on top of making sure he has his paci and Ryder always hugs and kisses him as he sits in his bouncer...Ryder also knows which diaper bin is Jacks and is a big helper at 15 months old!  Jack definately has stole all our watching him grow but wishing he could stay small forever!!!