Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toy Story 3...3D

Last night we had so much fun taking Mason to see the new Toy Story 3 3D Movie at the Theater. The glasses made all the toys look super cool and Mason was so excited to go with just Mommy and Daddy....his favorite part of course was when the toys were in the Garbage Truck and at Trash Compactor Site...he could not have been more thrilled...even after a bag of popcorn he was still glued to the screen. He is already asking for the DVD so hopefully it will not be too long before it is released:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A "Hot Hot" Day in Charlotte

As Carissa would say as we walk out the door these days"Momma, Hot, Hot" and today is no exception...the temps hit nearly 100 degrees today but at least the kids kept somewhat cool while playing in the pools and sprinkler. The popsicles hopefully helped a bit too....despite all this heat, they always seem to enjoy having friends over to play and we are excited to have more over this summer...Mommy is also excited all of our teacher friends are off for the summer too:) Mason also had his very first experience with a Slip-N-Slide took al little practice but he was very determined to learn this new found sport:) I think after a few more trials he will get it just fine:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slip N Slide fun in June

One Sunday in June we spent the entire morning playing outside on our brand new slip n slide...the kids and daddy had so much fun....Carissa laid on the mat and had to be pushed down but she hopped right back up and wanted to go again and again....Mason had fun chasing daddy down the slide and splashing at the end...Hooray for Summer Fun!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beech Mountain Trip 2010

This past Father's Day Weekend we rented a Mountain House in the resort town of Beech Mountain with some of our best friends.....The Robinson's and Froehlich's. We had such a fun time swimming, hiking the mountain, cooking out and relaxing!!! The house was awesome and what a view!!! The kids had fun Mini golfing, playing at the parks and eating ice cream.....the town itself closes shop pretty early so luckily we had lots of entertainment with all these cute little kids:) Can't wait to see where we all decide to vacation together next summer!!! Father's Day weekend went off without a hitch and ended with a fun Family BBQ with our Lifegroup Family...thanks to Jessica for hosting....we all had so much fun!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Totally "Off Schedule" and lovin it..... we are leaving for a 4 day trip to the Mountains tomorrow and I have a million things I should be packing and cooking for the trip but I find myself instead playing outside in the yard with the kids on this warm Carolina Day...hmm...that's ok right??? We will probably spend a fortune buying all the stuff I forgot to pack from lack of organization but nothing could be more fun than to watch two little kids swing on swings, eat freeze pops, ride bikes and play with the Garden Hose!!! I guess you just have to make time for the important stuff!!!

LifeGroup Celebration

Check out the amazing group of friends/mommies that are in my lifegroup.....What a blessing it has been to have these great ladies in my life. Truly so much to be thankful for and to have joy over!!! Last night we had a wonderful celebration honoring Jessica and sweet Gabriella Grace...all of the ladies made delicious foods and I enjoyed making some special little pink touches as well...looking forward to a wonderful lifelong journey with these ladies and cheers to making many more memories together!!!

Mommy's Baby Girl

It is so hard to believe that I now have a 28 month old baby girl....Her vocabulary has exploded the past month...Some of her new favorite words are "Boopie Hat On" her doll Bootsie needs her hat on, "Why Momma" "Hubba Hubba" KiKi, Amen Nig-Night Upstairs" "Not Nice May-Men"HeHe "Walk Snow-Why-ite" (walk snow white doll in stroller) and the sweetest sound to my ears this month has been"Momma, go Pah-Pah Momma...Pee Pee Alot, Alot Momma??" Yes Cari you have gone Peepee/PoPoo alot and we could not be happier that our sweet girl has finished potty training with only one accident to date.....she is loving her big girl undies too especially Snow White, Minnie and "Rella" Cinderella!!! We are so proud of you..MUAH!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 31st Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday to the Best Daddy ever!!! We were lucky enough this year to have a little guy that stepped up and planned his Dad's Birthday all by himself.....he told me he wanted to get Daddy and Basketball cake for his big day and when I asked him where he thought Daddy might like his bday dinner he replies "How bout the Basketball Course, that would be good" yep that's course not court:) So we planned to picnic on the basketball court that evening but the 93 degree weather steered us to Buca Di Beppo instead....however...after a yummy Italian Dinner we took Daddy to the "Basketball Course" to play a little one on one before heading home for baths and Cake time (yes, in that order). Mason got his dad some great presents this year that included his dad's favorites: "Doritos and Orange Rator-Gade" as Mason calls it (gatorade)!! He sure does know his daddy well....Happy Birthday hunny...we love you lots and lots!!!!