Monday, March 31, 2014

Mason's 8th Nerf Wars Birthday Party















Mason is super excited that he gets a Nerf Wars Birthday Party this year. He has invited 23 little boys and 3 girls to battle it out. Mommy has been busy getting all the party favors ready for the party too.  I made homemade Team Shirts complete with custom iron on transfers, ordered special safety glasses to give them a bit of protection and even ordered lanyards and made a cool mission card that they have to get punched each time they complete a target or mission.  Gaga and Auntie Val sewed awesome Dart pouches into belts and Gaga will be working on the cupcakes when she arrives from Chicago.  Mommy also put together lollipops, orange crush bubble gum, Gatorade, and some fun printables I designed on my computer. Can't wait to see all these little boys faces when they see all the cool things they get to shoot at!  We have been dreaming up all sorts of fun targets: tin can drop, balloon knockout, army men targets, a bullseye and of course the team challenge at the end:)Also, can't forget the amazing cookies for the party made by Julie from Sugar....she is the BEST!!  Most of All I am excited to spend another year with this amazing kid....Happy Birthday Mason. You are such a smart, creative and fun boy...You have taught me how to be a mom to boys and I really needed that because your baby brothers are growing every day and look up to their Big Brother....Have a wonderful 8th Birthday....Party Pictures to follow:)
Mason's party turned out to be super was calling for rain so mommy had to switch the location to a recreation center gym which worked out perfect actually!  The kids loved all their gear and had a blast shooting at all the target stations and then at the end they all grabbed boxes and made battle walls. Darts were flying and laughter all around!  Mason had a fun time and I think all the other kids did too!  He also received some really cool gifts from his thoughtful friends. Lots of Nerf Guns and not a single double, some cool Lego sets, a fun basket ball head game, UNO attack, an ant farm, fun nerf outdoor flyers, balls and footballs, a remote control car and much more!!! Happy Birthday Mason!!!