Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carissa Noelle Almost a 3yr Old is so hard to believe this little lady is going to be 3 years old in just a few short weeks.. She is such a joy and is always making us smile with all the sweet things she does and says....she does not say much but is talking more and more. She loves school and all her playdates with her friends. her fav thing to do is fill , I MEAN FILL, her stroller up with all her treasures and push it around the house. Loves her baby dolls, making picnics for them and playing dollhouse in her room. She has all her family members named and loves to ride them in the loving family van. Her favorite songs are It was a Mighty day (when Jesus Christ was born), Sugarland "Stuck Like Glue and Barbie Girl" She also loves to watch Barney Halloween Movie and sing songs.....could go on and on but just a quick picture of my 2 yr old before she turns another year older on us!!!!

Ringling Brothers Circus 2011

This year we decided to take a trip to the Circus to celebrate my 32nd Birthday:) The kids really looked forward to it....Cari talked about "momma, I see a K-own (clown) only about every other sentence and Mason really was excited about seeing the motorcycles in the cages. They also loved the Superheros, ponies and the Pirate with the Treasure Chest Skits.....Not to mention, being able to go down to the Circus stage before the show and see all the little acts like the Elephant painting, the clowns juggling and Carissa was estatic to visit with EVERY clown she spotted. They shared the best bag of Cotton Candy Ever and slept until 8am this morning...that was a birthday present in itself~!! We love the Circus!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our 2011 Winter Snow Lady

The kids loved shoveling the snow and chasing Daisy around the snow covered backyard this winter....I wish I could say the same for our lovely snow one had love for her this year....Daddy said the snow would not pack....Cari waited patiently as he tried to build her, Mason tried to knock her down, with the shovel, every chance he got and even stinky Daisy kept whisking by her trying to eat the cookie buttons right off the front of our poor snow was a sad attempt but we did get her round little self to stay put longer enough for a few pictures before mason tried to dig a tunnel through her and she crumbled to the ground.....snow play ended there for today....hopefully it will not be iced over tomorrow and we can play some more.....I think that we are the only family in Charlotte that A. Has Snow Gear to Play in and B. has a Dog that has a winter coat too!!!!!!!

Snow Day in Charlotte

This is the 2nd Snow day for Charlotte already this winter, which is pretty amazing since snow does not usually happen until late February or march if it happens at all. This morning the kids were so excited to go out and play in the beautiful snow......they made snow angels in the front yard then headed to our neighborhood clubhouse to sled down the big hill with all of their friends....we actually spent 2 1/2 hours up there....the kids had so much fun. The wagon lid was yet again another lifesaver this year as we do not own a sled....Luckily all the kids snow gear from our trips back home to Chicago still fit....Mason had a blast and Carissa wanted nothing to do with sledding until Preston took her down the hill once...then she was hooked:) We walked home soggy and cold but the kids could not wait for some hot chocolate and then round 2 of Charlotte snow play....we have to move either ices or melts with in a day of falling!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mason and Carissa at their Best 2011!!!

Hoping to add to this post all year long:)
Mason: "Momma, Momma I can't eat those tomatoes right now, I have to eat my food in a pattern"
Carissa: " Momma, my tissue running" nose is runny and needs a tissue
Carissa: "Momma......your hello is ringing, your hello" better go answer it!

Happy New Year's 2011 hard to believe it's the year 2011.....hoping this new year brings health and happiness. Mason and Carissa enjoyed toasting to an early New Year last night, while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a Chili's To Go Dinner along with some Super Mario Wii action.....can I just say we both really stink at it!!!! Sad because growing up, I was awesome at Nintendo's Mario Brothers. Our New Year's Eve was uneventful but I have to say that I feel like I am all caught up (for the next week or so, that's when Birthday Planning begins for Carissa's 3rd Birthday) My favorite time of year(planning celebrations for the kids) but for now I am going to enjoy this down time.....looking forward to my early birthday present coming in the mail anyday now....A new vacuum cleaner!!!! I am done with this post now before you really think I am old and boring...Happy 2011 and cheers to a great year of new beginnings!!!!