Monday, April 29, 2013

Ryder Bear turns 18 months old

Our Crazy Boy is 18 months time sure flies....Ryder is the best little guy we could hope for...He is so super fun and and his laugh is out of this world.  At 18 months he:
- Says...Knack (snack), on, binky, jack-jack, daisy, hi, milk, lego, mickey, dog, balls
- loves to eat muffins, fruit loops, juice, meat with any dip, french fries, green beans, carrots, crackers
- plays with Daisy and loves BALLS...esp. basketball....loves finding bugs with Mason, watching out the window and his favorite song is "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops"  He opens his mouth wide everytime it rains outside
- His favorite thing to do is go bye-bye and play outside...inside he climbs on anything..couches, bins etc.  sucha little monkey:)
We are so lucky to have each and every day and I love watching him grow...just wish it wouldnt happen so soon....Happy 18 months Ryder Bear!!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fun at Freedom Park

This afternoon we packed the kids, scooters, frisbee and blankets up and headed to hang out at Freedom Park for the day.  The kids loved riding their scooters down the big hill, playing frisbee with mom and dad in the grass and lounging around on blankies.  I headed down to play frisbee with Mason in the Mason is surprisingly really good at this activity...I on the other hand told him that mommy was not good at throwing...after a few attempts it didnt look so great...mason says " Mom, you just need to stick to the basics...the basics mom"...heehee!!

Jack loved people watching and playing hot wheels...Ryder visited almost every single dog on a leash in the park and Carissa loved pushing strollers and riding her scooter.  It was such a nice day finished up with a dinner out to Fuel Pizza.  Lots of video games and Pizza....yum.  Loving the stress free family time on the weekends...this has been our first weekend free of birthday parties in the last month....whew!!!  Looking forward to church in the morning as Carissa's Preschool class will be singing during service!!!

Mason's 1st Baseball Game for the 2013 Season

Mason is now playing his 2nd year of Park Sharon Baseball League.  We were lucky enough to get him on a team since we were late once again registering him.  He is on the Green Colbras and really is enjoying it.  He is so good at hitting and is really working on his fielding...he still seems unsure at times as the ball is coming at him and he doesn't have a bat to swing at it:) He was very proud of himself today and we are thrilled to see him enjoying it.  He got on base each time he was up and made it home several times as well.  The team seems very organized and we can't wait until practice this friday night.  I hope Fort Mill has some good baseball programs for him when me move this summer.

Jackson Drake is 7 months old

Jack is getting so big and is quite the little man....At 7 months he can:
- Sit up with little support
- like green beans, prunes, peaches, pears, carrots and squash
- Can finally get his pacifier to his mouth by himself
- Likes to ride in the wagon and stroller
- Loves to sit and laugh back and forth with Ryder
- is always holding hot wheels in each hand
- enjoys playing in his exersaucer and is 21 lbs

Friday, April 19, 2013

Carissa at the Horse Farm on a Warm Spring Day 2013...5 yrs old

Yesterday was such a nice spring day that I took Carissa out to the horse farm for some fun spring pictures.  Carissa loves horses this year, from riding last week at a party to seeing them up close, she thinks they are awesome....this pretty horse really was amazing...she came right up to Carissa when she stepped up onto the fence and nuzzled her nose right at Carissa.  It was like she had wanted to be in these pictures with Cari too:)  They were so cute together...loving this great spring weather and really loving the change of scenery here in Fort Mill SC!!!