Thursday, July 23, 2009

Candyland and Cars Fans

This afternoon Mason and Dylan got to practice their gaming skills as they enjoyed playing Candyland and A Scooby Doo Matching Game Together. Mason loved showing Dylan how to pick the cards and move to the different places on the board almost as much as when he got a Double Green Card!! They also had fun lining up all the cars around the track...thanks for a great afternoon playdate!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carissa Turns 17 months

This past week our Little Girl turned 17 months...I guess we will keep counting until 2...then she can just be 2 for the year and it will be alot easier to keep up with:) Cari now weighs almost 30lbs and pretty much towers over most of the kids very close to her age. The doctor said she is just great though:) (All the ladies at the doctor's Office always joke that she is the Little Coppertone Baby too) I guess she does resemble, especially with her piggy tails...I had to google after so many comments about it:)
Her new words this month (and yes she is still a baby of few) are Thank You, Daisy, and in case you didnt know this, Cari thinks all animals say: "Moo". We are thankful to have such a sweet, smiley and happy little girl.

Happy Birthday to You

Happy 3rd Birthday to Our Friend Dylan....we had fun celebrating with you at the park yesterday and really enjoyed the yummy cupcakes your Mommy made. Can't wait to play with you when we get back from vacation. Hope you had the best day ever.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Picnic at Latta Park

This morning we baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and decided to pack them up with the rest of our lunch and head to Latta Park for a Picnic and Splash Time....The weather was so nice and we had a great time. The kids loved splashing with all the kids.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water Park with Our Cousin Emma

We had a great time with our Cousin Emma when they visited earlier this are a few Pictures from Boomerang bay waterpark...they can come back to play anytime as long as Uncle JJ dosen't go swimming with his keys in his pocket again:)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lovin the Slide

Mason and Carissa are so happy to play even if its in their own backyard!!! Carissa has learned that it is so much fun to go down the slide all by yourself into the pool:) Mason could stay outside all day long looking for bugs!!

Movies at Stumptown Park

We really had a Great Time last night taking the kids to Stumptown Park to watch their outdoor Movie Concert. The kids played in a huge Sandbox right in front of the movie screen, played on the pirate ship at the little park, ate snowcones and even got balloon animals made by a clown. Carissa got a Doggie and Mason got a sword. They had so much fun and did not do too bad sitting on the blanket to watch the movie when it turned dark.

My Best Buddy

Mason loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him....He was so excited when his found a Visor in his closet that looked just like Daddy's Golfing Visor...He asked me if I would take their picture together in them:) Then he asks to see the camera to see if we got a good one (Picture)!!

Pirates at Discovery Place

Our friends called us last week and invited us to go with them to Discovery Place to check out the new Pirates Exhibit....we gladly excepted and headed to Uptown Charlotte on the LightRail. The kids love to ride the train to the city. We got to check out the Circus Exhibit, the new children's play area and then the cool Pirate Treasures. Mason sure did like the huge Pirate Ship Mural and the buried treasure found at the bottom of the Ocean. Lunch at Fuel Pizza afterwards was also a yummy treat.

Flashy New Boots

Mason and Cari love wearing their rainboots almost everyday...even when there is no rain:) Carissa is still learning to walk in them but I found a great sale at Target so they each got a new pair last week...especially since froggy boots were getting just a wee bit stinky.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun Times with Friends

Yesterday the kids enjoyed an afternoon playing with friends in our Backyard. Popsicles and watermelon are always a hit, they were so cute sitting together in the chairs. Mason and Colin had a blast riding around on the Power Quad together. Mason's biggest adventure was entertaining his pet grasshopper we caught. He came up to me and told me he gave his grasshopper a cheese ball because he was getting a little bit hungry!!! be a little boy!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks Display at Carmel Country Club

The kids sure did enjoy running around the 18th Hole ,all the while, the beautiful fireworks were exploding in the skies above them. 4th of july this year was super fun as we had our family in town to help us celebrate. Mason and Carissa loved playing with their Cousin Emma and can't wait to see them again in just a few weeks back in Chicago.

4th of July Cookout and Fireworks

4th of July is always such a good excuse to get together with friends and family...we spent the day at the waterpark followed by a cookout at our house with friends. Later that evening we headed over to watch the fireworks at the Carmel Country Club...It was so cool to sit on the greens right next to a sand trap while watching the fireworks show above. The kids did a couple sparklers but were actually pretty happy just running around the golf course wearing their red/white/blue glow braclets. The kids even blew out the candles on our Happy Birthday America Cake!!