Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pooltime with Our Friend Ford

This morning was super-fun when our friend Ford invited us over to have a picnic and swim in his pool. Mason loved being able to swim all by himself with the help of his Spiderman Floaties and Carissa could have floated all day in that boat. We also had a yummy picnic lunch in the splash park area...we can't wait to have many more summer fun adventures with Mandy and Ford...we are so glad lots of mommies friends are teachers and have the whole summer off.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Pirate Life's for Me...or Us???

Well its hard to say if it will ever end but Mason continues to entertain the idea that it is...A Pirate's Life for Him!!! He is non-stop with the "ARH Matees and Walk the Plank" phrases, as well as, in constant need of his pirate boot (his green rain boot that he can only wear one of to resemble his pirate leg) and when we allow....his hook! He actually can be found sound asleep in his entire pirate costume if I have failed to hide it well that particular week!! Well, I guess it could be worse, at least he is not asking to wear his sister's hairbows anymore!

Norah's 3rd Birthday Party

Mason had such a fun time this afternoon at his Friend, Norah's 3rd Birthday Party at Gymboree in Ballantyne. Norah is the cutest little girl and she sure did look like she had the best time at her Party. Despite Mason being a little wild, during what normally is his naptime, he too loved walking the planks and jumping off the equipment there. The party ended with a yummy cake for all the kids. Happy Birthday sweet girl....we hope to see you more this summer!!!

Pirate Ships AHOY!!!

This past weekend Mason and Daddy got to go to Lowes and build their own Pirate Ships together...They always have a fun make a take project, usually every other Saturday, but this week happened to be a favorite for Mason (Our Little Pirate in Training)...It was so cute, they even got a little lowes apron and goggles to take home. He really enjoyed building with Daddy and then sailing his ship on the Big Blue Insulation Ocean (and yes...he had a bath as soon as he got home) with his buddy Colin. We can wait until July 11th to make The Treasure Chest.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Little Southern Belle

Carissa's Gaga sent her a few dress up outfits to play with. She was so fun to watch trying to run around the backyard with this big poofie tutu on.....even funnier was trying to squeeze her into the bucket swing when she wanted to swing.....all that poof would barely fit....it was pretty cute though and she does love to dress up like a princess...and she can't wait to have her friends over to dress up and join her for a Tea Party!

Playgroup at Noah and Ava's House

This week Noah and Ava were nice enough to host playgroup at their house...The kids had fun playing with all of the cool toys in their backyard....we enjoy getting to see our friends and their Mommies each week. Carissa loved the Fire Engine and Mason sure did eat lots of snacks!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swings for Our Monkeys

The kids have had the best time playing on their new swingset. We decided to go with this set because it is still semi portable and we know we will not be in this house forever so we do not want to put in a big permanent set that we will not be able to take with us.....but for now the kids love the swings and Mason has already turned the deck into a Pirate Ship!! Cari also loves to swing and go in and out of the clubhouse....I think this was a good summertime addition to our backyard.

A Little Bathing Beauty

Our Little Cari sure does love playing outside...especially in the little pool....Yesterday she sorted sea shells and tossed around the beach ball......lots of fun was had until.....she crunched some seashells with her squishy bottom in the pool (she didnt think that felt very good)...and then burned her teeny toes running across the deck.....back to the house for a little shade

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

Happy Father's Day to all of the Wonderful Dads out there!!! Mason and Carissa are so lucky to have such a Great Daddy. We had a time fun splashing around at the waterpark yesterday with our friends followed by a yummy dinner with delicious watermelon for desert. Mason even made Dad a special handprint painting at school. We sure do appreciate all our Dad does for our family. Hope you had a great day Daddy, we love you lots and lots!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kiddies -N- Cookouts

This evening we had a great time visiting with friends and cooking out!!! The kids loved the water and Mason was so excited to get to use a water squirter in the backyard...he was entertained for hours....we are so thankful to have good friends to share good times with!!

A Day at Latta Splash Park

Mason had the best time this morning with his friend, Ryan from preschool. We met up at Latta Park for a Picnic and some fun in the water. They loved playing on the playground and filling cups with water in the splash area.....It is super hot here this weekend so we love playdates that keep us cool...hope to meet up again soon for some more playtime. It was nice to have a little Mommy/Mason time this morning especially after all that bouncing of the walls at Chuck E. Cheese's last night!!!