Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tickets to ICE

So I guess when you live in Florida the next best thing to snow is ICE!!!! The sunday after Christmas we bundled the Kids up and took them to the Palms Hotel to visit their Ice and Snow Playlands......they did an amazing storybook wonderland and every single display was made of solid ICE....the kids even got to go down Ice slides....so fun!!!! Our favorite was the Ice Nativity with baby Jesus!!!! We had to wear these lovely blue parkas into all the exhibits as it was a frigid 9 degrees inside there. The colored ice sculptures were beautiful and it told the story of "A Night Before Christmas" Then the 2nd half was all snow...the kids entered another area that was filled with snow, igloos, snowmen, tube Sledding and Ice Games. The kids had tons of fun and Carissa even had the winning ticket from all the fun Ice Games she played...of course she picked a new baby doll:) We definately enjoyed all the Ice and Snow while visiting Florida....made it seem like Christmas!!!!

DisneyWorld Fun on Christmas Day

Our Family Had the best Time at Disny's Hollywood Studios Christmas day...we saw the Voyage of The Little Mermaid Show, Met the infamous Lightening McQueen and Tow-mator from the Cars Movie and then saw an awesome Festival of Lights Display that evening...tons and tons of dancing lights and snow for the kids to enjoy.....Hollywood and Vine also served a delicious Christmas Day Meal:) So glad we were able to spend the holidays with family this year...Carissa had the best time searching for Micky Mouse all day too!!!

A Morning of Blessings a & Presents

Christmas Morning was so much fun watching the kids get so excited about Rudolph eating their carrots that had been placed out on the lawn the night before:) They were so lucky this year and must have been on Santa's Good List because there sure were alot of presents under this tree!!!! Mason was estatic to recieve Stinky the Garbage Truck and the remote Controlled Black Widow Spider he had been hoping for all season....Carissa loved opening Barbie after barbie after Barbie...what more could a little girl dream of on Christmas Morning....Happy Birthday Jesus....was Mason's favorite song that he was finally able to sing Xmas Morning!!!! Everyone enjoyed a yummy breakfast and played for a bit before heading out to DisneyWorld for a Day of Fun!!!!!

Christmas Eve 2010

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas this year with our Cousins...Emma and Parker!! GaGa, Pa and Uncle Scott also came down to Sunny Florida to help us celebrate. On Christmas Eve we spent the day playing outside, making gingerbread houses, eating a yummy Ham Dinner and Getting Ready for Santa's Arrival...The kids put on the xmas jammies and put Reindeer food and carrots outside...to help guide Santa's sleigh....they then headed off to bed:) Can't wait to celebrate the Birth Of Baby Jesus in the morning and be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives....Blessings and Bliss....The Galbraith Family