Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Serentity of the Beach

One of my favorite things to do is take pictures and I sure did love all these beach pictures I was able to take of the kids this past week splashing away in the ocean.....I got some really cute shots and hope to someday get them framed and actually up in the house somewhere....We sure had a great trip to the Beach this year and some of the pictures I took this year are similar to those I shot last year of the kids in white on the shore. They had so much fun at North Myrtle Beach...we hope to check in out again sometime. Check out some of the other fun stuff we did while at the beach this past week too!!!!! Some of our favorites were the sand, the aquarium, the alligator adventure park and Braodway at the Beach!!!

Surf's Up at Myrtle Beach

So much fun we have had this past weekend at Myrtle Beach....the kids have been living it up in the sand...Carissa has been digging away and scooping sand into pails (sadly she thinks she is scooping wet doggy poop) but having fun doing it all the same...while Mason got his first Boogie Board and is pretty good on it....Both kids think the best part on the beach was burying Daddy in the sand and sitting in the ocean as the waves crashed into them;) What a great day to spend the day and the kids are entertained all day long...throw in a little ice cream and what a day!!!!! We love the Beach!!!

Ripley's Aquarium at Myrtle Beach

So we had to check out the infamous shark aquarium while visiting the beach.....Mason loves sharks so what could be more fun than to see them up close and personal....well, this place sure was cool!!! We touched string rays, picked up sea urchins, and watched the sharks swim inches from our was also fun to see the life size set of shark teeth and Mason was thrilled to bring home his very own shark tooth necklace!!! They had so many different kinds of sharks and evena rainbow tunnel to see them swimming above you.....the kids had a great time at the aquarium;)

Broadway at the Beach

So many fun things to do at Broadway at the Beach...we shopped, ate ate Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and Hard Rock Myrtle Beach....saw lots of cute little shops and they even did pictures with live!!!! So many things to see and cross paths to the different sections of the boardwalk...I even found a cute little sign about the definition of "The South"

Alligator Adventure Park at Myrtle Beach

We got a 2 day Pass to this awesome Alligator Adventure Park complete with over 1000 different ALLIGATORS!!!! The kids had so much fun watching all the gators get fed and swimming through the swamps. We also saw a Tiger, A Zebra (Carissa's new Favorite) and the sea otters. We definately enjoyed this park both days we went and the kids could not get enough of all the cool stuff there. Mason even turned a penny into a alligator pressed coin with one of those fun press machines, while cari kept using all her quarters to feed those cute little duckies;) I think the Alligator Park was something pretty fun and we would probably love to do it again are some pictures from both days we visited the park!!