Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Flurries and Play in February 2015

Snow Snow Snow much fun....we got a little bit of snow this past week and the kids had a blast making snowballs and playing in it.  We only got maybe an inch so sledding didnt last long as the grass came through pretty quickly but it made for a small snowman and snowballs.  So happy we played out that day too...alot of our friends were holding out for the BIG snow expected for Wednesday night but sadly we got nothing and their were alot of dis appointed kids on our block.  Our kiddos were lucky we got to enjoy a tiny bit of a southern winter even though it is suppose to be in the sixties this week again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

South Carolina Ice Storm of 2015

ok...so it wasn't a huge snow storm like we all were hoping for but we did get a wintery mix which created a quarter inch of ice over every thing which in turn shuts everything down at least for the day. Businesses closed school canceled etc....which was fine by me...It was Carissa's Birthday and we are all partied out from the last week and a half of celebrating...wish I can get my house back in order but with 4 kids going stir crazy we let them out to see what they could do/play with a bunch of ice:)  They were able to glide down the driveway on the sleds with ease but by far their favorite was pulling icicles and ice pieces off both cars....Hey it doesn't take much I guess!  They then threw the pieces of ice in the street for fun! Carissa is still wondering why she couldn't make a snow angel on a sheet of snowcovered ice????  And Ryder only tried to poke Jack's eye out with one icicle...so it was a pretty good morning...let's see if they cancel school again tomorrow???

A lot of Pugs and Kisses for the Birthday Girl