Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday Funday with Slip-N-Slides

Such a fun weekend filled with Soccer and Baseball games and fun days in the backyard with friends. The weather was so nice that we pulled out sprinklers and pools and slip-n-slides for the kids to play with out back:)  They had a blast throwing water balloons at each other and of course there are never enough of those...they went through 100 in under 5minutes! They had snack and danced to music. All the kids really figured out the slip-n-slide by the end of the afternoon, I don't know when they all try to drop to their knees at first instead of gliding on their bellies:) It helped when we moved it to the hill, then they had the best time racing down it. Ryder and Sofia danced to Frozen songs off Pandora and Jackson loved his new shark pool:) Just a little fun with the small pools until our big neighborhood one open at the end of May!!!! Plus 85 degrees in April means you need to keep making memories with these sweet little ones...they grow so quickly!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Strawberry Picking with the kids

This year the opening of strawberry picking happened to be on Easter Sunday. We had a brunch in the morning but by afternoon the skies were clear so we decided to go berry picking with the kids. The little ones loved it...they ran the fields in search of ripe red berries. Mason and Carissa did a great job filling their baskets but they were not a ton of huge ripe berries so we will have to make another trip back this season.  The best part about Hall Family Farm is all the other fun things they have for the kids to do. Hayrides, strawberry and peach slushies, trikes to ride, water pumps to play with and picnic areas! We always have a good time and they get to make yummy strawberry jam if the kids don't eat them all first!