Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun with Santa 2011

This year was so special to us to be able to have Ryder visit Santa for the very first time. The kids seem really into christmas this year and have loved elf on the shelf....everyday they search the house to see where santa's elf, Max is hiding out. They know he flys to Santa everynight to report how they have been. They also have done a great job writing to Santa to tell them their xmas wishes.....Carissa would like: the baby that poops (baby alive) Can't imagine why, she has a new baby brother that does that very same thing:) and thanks to a visit from GaGa, she now is wanting Santa to bring her and IPHONE for christmas...hah!!! Not to mention the gogo pup she would like...again, we have a real one of these that could definately use a walk:) She was sweet and added her baby brother Ryder would like diapers and wipes for christmas:) Mason, changes daily depending on the trending comercials he is viewing in betwene scooby episodes....he would like the hot wheels sky jump, dr. dreadful's zombie barf making machine,a nerf gun, legos and bug books...we will have to see what Santa decides on. This year's Santa visit was so special to me...I feel like our little family was complete....we would have stayed and enjoyed the hot chocolate but Ryder exploded in Santa's lap and this mommy of 3 didnt think to pack wipes.....needless to say we bolted out of there...hopefully Santa got all of our letters:)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

So many things to be thankful for this year....happy, healthy kids, a sweet new baby boy, great family and friends and so much more....this year we decided to have a low key holiday....this morning we headed uptown to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then came home and made a small feast for just us:) Turkey from Honey Baked ham company, homemade mashed potatos, corn, stuffing and rolls...pumpkin pie and brownies. We ate until stuffed then the kids played in backyard while Mommy and Ryder napped.....poor baby still has a slight fever after being seen in the ER 2 days ago....but today I am thankful for another negative culture report from the doctor and hoping this is a virus that is starting to turn the corner....this poor guy hs had such a rough start but we know this little man is going to thrive and is destined for greatness....that alone deserves thanks....Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Carissa's Pictures at Freedom Park

This morning was so much fun strolling around the pretty pond.....All the leaves are beginning to change colors and fall and the ducks were a big hit for this little were the jelly beans she was trying to feed them:) We got to enjoy a beautiful 75 degree day here in Charlotte at the very end of November which is always nice too....Can't believe Thanksgiving is in just a few this time of year and all the reasons to celebrate!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun with Fall Leaves

Mason and Carissa love to play in the leaves every fall. This year is no exception.....well except their baby brother got to join them for just a little bit for some cute pictures and then made his way safely to the house before some leaves came a flying:) These leaves will last them weeks of playtime fun as they scoop, rake, and fill many things with these leaves. A Carolina fall is so very pretty and it is even more exciting because Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the are a few great shots from Playing in the Leaves 2011!!!