Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving with the Kids 2014

Another year of pumpkins in the books for sure:) Ryder and Jackson were grossed out by what was actually inside the pumpkin...Carissa managed to cut and clean out a small pumpkin and Mason actually got a small one cleaned and carved like a ghost face....pretty much they made a mess and then high tailed it for the swingset.....leaving a night of spooky carvings for Darren to finish up:)  As the years pass they seem to enjoy it more and we are miles away from when Mason use to throw up at the sight of pumpkin guts so I will take it!!!  Can't wait to see them light up on Halloween Night:)

Trunk or Treat at church with Friends

The last couple years we have enjoyed attending the Trunk or Treat at First Baptist Church of Fort Mill.  They do a great jobs with tons of cute trunk games and treats for the kids...They also got a complimentary hotdog/chip dinner for everyone attending. This year we got to go with our neighbors the Bernals so our kids were super excited!!  Some of their favorite games this year included: Angry Birds, The Football Tackle, Pin the Nose on Olaf and Toy Story, the Claw Candy Game!!  It was surprisingly warm out at first but cooled off later on. The kids got lots of treats and had such a fun time with friends....glad we were able to make it again and hope to continue this family tradition at Hallowen time!