Thursday, June 26, 2014

Peach and Blueberry picking at Bush-n-Vine Orchard


This morning I woke up wondering what to do with the kids since Darren was headed to the office for the day and I kept them home from camp this week. I threw on some clothes, yes they all matched even though a lot of our everyday picks were being washed still from our trip home and I loaded the kids in the van to go peach and blueberry picking at Bush N Vine Orchard.  We love picking but mommy really loves the nice long drive on the days Daddy is gone it helps pass some of the time.  We got there about 10am and it was already super hot. All the kids seemed excited to pick so we started with peaches....Mason was a trooper about carrying the big carton of peaches but not so much about the yellow shirt I put him in as he was now the target of every Bee around:/. All the kids picked and I was amazed how they all stayed together and also at how smart Jackson is....he is so so quick to pick up on how to do things that the older kids do...he was the most dedicated picker for sure! After that we picked some blueberries which they were not so thrilled as it was more tedious to find nice big blue ones. We ended our time there visiting the garden and enjoying some yummy slushies made of the blackberries there. The next morning we had blueberry pancakes and ate some of the juicest peaches ever!