Monday, November 30, 2009

My Little Monkey

This past weekend we were able to get lots of holiday decorating started and Mason sure did have a great time sitting in the Cherry Tree in Our Front Yard watching Daddy climb the high Ladder to put up Christmas Lights.....Although we currently have made little progress with the Lights, we do have a couple of cute pictures of Our Little Monkey!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving: Lets Get Stuffed!!

This Thanksgiving we are so thankful for all of the wonderful things that have come into our lives the past few years....A great family, wonderful friends and 2 little kids that bring more joy to us with each and every day. We are so grateful for all we have and everyone we can share it with. Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving 2009. We were lucky enough to have our friends, The Larsons, over for Turkey Day and we sure had tons of fun. The kids dressed as Indians and ate tons of Charlie Brown Cupcakes:) The Daddies even made Turkey Puppet crafts with the kids while the mommies cooked!!! Mason was so sweet...he made a vest at school but wanted to make one for his sister and friends so we bought more material and he did his handprint turkey on each vest....what a cute little bunch of Indians. Happy Turkey Day to All...xoxoxo

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mason's Thanksgiving Feast at Forest Hill

Mason enjoyed a fun day at preschool Tuesday as the participated in their annual Thanksgiving feast. The kids were so adorable in their Indian vests and pilgrim hats. They got to enjoy lots of yummy foods: Turkey Roll up, apples, rolls, cheese cubes, grapes, Turkey shaped Cookies and Pumpkin bread. Ms. Susan did a great job reading Thanksgiving stories and exposing the kids to lots of fun Thanksgiving Traditions. We sure did miss Ms. Holly but the kids loved her chocolate dipped marshmallow Pilgrim hats. They also made some very cute place mats to use throughout the years. Gobble Gobble and a Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another day with "Just The Boys"

Earlier this week, Mason had a few friends over to enjoy some of this awesome fall weather. Who ever thought that a huge pile of leaves in the backyard could keep 3 little boys so busy is beyond me but they had the best time jumping in them, scooping them up, and transporting them all over the yard. They were so cute at lunch when Dylan suggested they say a prayer and Mason out of left field recited an entire prayer blessing that I have never heard come out of his mouth. It amazed me how much he has picked up at preschool and fills my heart with joy to see all the goodness he has in him:) Just a few cute fall shots of "Just the Boys" A phrase Mason always says when he prefers an activity to be just him and daddy:)

Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Friend Ford

Today we had so much fun playing at Ford's Birthday Celebration. His mommy did such a good job with his Choo Choo train party and Ford loved running around with all his friends. Mason and Cari enjoyed a few rides around on the train wagon and had tons of fun bouncing in the blow-up Train Bouncer. We hope Ford had the Best 2nd Birthday ever, he sure was a cute little conductor!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Favorite Prayer Garden

One of Mason's favorite places to visit is the Prayer Garden located on the property at Forest Hill. After School Thursday he was so excited because he told me he wanted to take his friend Preston to " his favorite garden" so we stopped for just a few minutes so the boys could check it out and they loved sitting on the stone wall having a few snacks. Little Mama loved climbing from bench to bench and checking out the evergreen trees....I guess this has become"Our Favorite Garden"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fallen Leaves Are Fun

Yesterday Afternoon we headed out to our backyard for a liitle fun with all of our fall leaves...It has taken forever for them to finally start falling, enough to make a pile anyway, but thanks to a few storms last week the wind has blown them down just in time for us to play. Mason didn't like how they were itchy (having to wear shorts still in November is rough right???) but he sure did love throwing them at us and Carissa carefully sat in them and tried to sneak in a crunchy bite every once in awhile!! Happy Fall Ya'll 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Carissa Turns 21 Months Old is so hard to beleive that Little Mama is already 21 months...that is so close to 2 years that it scares me....these past few months she has been growing like a weed and is so snuggly:) Her favorite words are My Mama, My Dada, I-Dont-Know, Uh-Oh, KiKi, Daisy,ball and her most fav word is Mow....for Kitty Cat Meows...She loves to point out digger and dumpers on the roads, she thinks that all ducks say Bawk-bawk too!! Carissa does not love veggies as much as the past but does love mangos, cookies, mac n cheese, spaghetti, rice, and cheese. She loves to play outside and of course adores her big brother. We can't wait to see how much she enjoys the holidays this year and maybe she will be talking even more by then.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Forest Hill School Portraits 2009

Mason had the best time taking pictures this year at school. All he kept taking about was his photographer...who's name apparently is Ms. Peanut Head. He also really enjoyed playing with all the acorns outside...many of they ended up coming home with us in his lunch box. We are so thankful for Ms. Susan and Ms. Holly to love Mason and guide him each and every day!!! It is hard to believe that kindergarten is right around the corner!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Fun with Friends

The last few weeks have been pretty busy but luckily we have gotten to enjoy a little cooler weather and fun times with our friends. Last week Carissa's friend Abby came over for a playdate while the boys were at preschool. They had so much fun playing outside with the pumpkins and pushing the baby dolls around in strollers. Mason also had a fun playdate later that week with his new friend from school, Cooper. They had the best time playing with the garbage trucks, watching Toy Story and playing with Mason's Tool set!!! We love our friends and cant wait for Thanksgiving this year!!!! We have lots to be thankful for!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A HOLE lot to be Thankful For...

Wow....2 weeks into November and there seems to be a HOLE in our blog. Yikes!!! I am THANKFULLY enjoying the month with not too much on our plate. Been busy with Ribbon Babies Bow-tique, as I have done a few shows the past few weekends, Caught up with old friends that I have not seen in awhile (Southern Christmas Show with Neighbors, Nothing but Noodles with Stephanie, Bowling Functions with Bank of America, Basketball Games Monday Nights, More and more Playdates....ok so it seems we have been much that documenting for the blog is clearly not evident) and we have tried to avoid stepping outside the past few days....thank you Hurricane IDA!!! Looking forward to plans with friends this weekend, the Cameron Wood Holiday Snack and Shop Event, and keeping the kids healthy (Donations currently being accepted for Sanitizer and Clorox Wipes). So much to be thankful for and hopefully more to show for it in the weeks to come