Monday, May 31, 2010

Lila and Hali's Hula Girl Birthday Party

This weekend we had so mush fun celebrating sweet Lila and Hali Woodman's Birthdays...They had a awesome Luau Party in their Backyard complete with a giant water slide, tons of fun Luau Decorations and an adorable Hula Girl Cake. Mason loved the water slide and got just a little muddy "hehehe" ....Wishing Lila and Hali a very happy 2nd and 4th Birthday!!!

Memorial Boat Ride on Lake Wylie

This past weekend we had such a fun boat ride with our Friends Thom, Mandy, and Ford. They just got a new pontoon boat so we took it out for the day on Lake Wylie. The kids had so much fun cruising around in the boat dancing to the music and they LOVED floating in the lake. We had a yummy picnic lunch and spotted some cool cranes nests in a tree. Thanks Captain Thom for a great day out on the boat:)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nascar Speed Street Event 2010

The kids had so much fun attending Charlotte's Speed Street Event this weekend. They got to play lots of fun games, eat lots of yummy treats donated by all the local businesses and check out the cool race cars. The rain was nice enough to hold off and we even got to check out the cool under the sea imax at Discovery Place and watch the live animal show. The kids loved their Bomb Pops and Carissa even walked up to her 1st character without a terrified look on her face....and of course, it had to be a giant cookie...go figure:) Can't wait until Speed Street Again next year!!

Bye Bye Diapers...It's Potty Time

It could be the mini m&m's or something special about Memorial Day weekend but In the past 3 years we have spent 2 Memorial Weekends potty trainning our kiddies.....Mason was really young (18mths) when he learned and Carissa has been going on/off for 3 months...but....this weekend she pulled up those cute Little Tinkerbell Undies and has been working really hard. She is so cute in them.....she got them as a baby gift and is finally getting to use them....they are a little snug so looks like she will get to pick out some more 3T pairs really soon.....I can't wait until she is all done as I have found a SnowWhite Satin Award Ribbon to give her upon Potty Training Completion...GOOD JOB LITTLE MAMA!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Backyard Fun at the Galbraith House

The kids have had such fun playing outside this summer and they sure do love the pool. It is getting a little on the smaller side for them so hopefully next summer we will get something a little larger. I love having a patio to put it on so it is not ruining all of our grass like last summer and can I just tell you what a blessing it is to finally have a lawnmower that catches all the grass clippings...last summer the kids would get wet in the yard and looked like fuzzy green monsters!!!

My Two Best Friends: Chef Boy R.D. & Mr. Mac E. Cheese

So while on vacation Mason took a face plant into a Chair at Auntie Anne's house and knocked his 2 front teeth loose....we saw an emergency dentist there the first night and the diagnosis (although traumatic for mommy) seemed promising as it looked like he could keep his teeth and they may discolor...only thing was, he needed to be on a soft, liquid like diet for 2 weeks....ok, so this is a little tough while vacationing at DisneyWorld to accomadate but we made due.
Upon returning to Charlotte 5 days later we saw a pediatric dentist who gave us a not so promising diagnosis....He said the roots were really damaged from trauma and that may prevent them from healing at all....They went ahead and splinted teeth into place with metal wires and a whole lotta glue. They said from here we would just have to see what happens....they either will firm up and discolor or become infected and have to remove splint and teeth all together....ugh...the stress of not least they are baby teeth and in 2 years we will hopefully see teeth there again!!!
For Now we have become best friend s with Mr. Chef Boy R.D. and Mac-E. Cheese...hopefully Mason will remain friends with these fine guys a few more weeks until he can start to eat something else. Sad news is the dental insurance will not cover any of the emergency or reconstructive procedures he had because they only cover damage to permanent if I could just get them to xray his tummy when the xray his teeth, maybe they can tell me if they see that PENNY he SWALLOWED last week and save me a trip to the doctor!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

DisneyWorld Trip 2010

Mason and Cari had a blast with Emma and Parker at the Magic Kingdom...we rode Peter Pan, Scary SnowWhite, Buzz Lightyear and the Monster's Inc. Laugh Factory. Cari got to be Boo in the Laugh cute!!! Carissa although a huge SnowWhite fan was not such a fan of the scary part of the ride but Mason loved the Buzz ride:) The kids all loved watching the Princess show in front of Cinderella's Castle. It was super crowded and hot but the kids enjoyed every minute at Micky Mouse's House:) Disney with our cousins is one of the Happiest places on Earth:)

Flordia Fun & Family

We had the best time with our cousins Emma and Parker in Flordia. Although we had a little bump in the road upon our arrival( Mason knocked his teeth into a chair and the front 2 are now loose:(...we see another pediatric dentist tomorrow to see about a splint for them) we still had so much fun looking for bugs, checking out the animals at rainforest cafe and playing in the pool with Emma and Parker!!! Looking forward to visiting again in July at GaGa's House:) Thanks for having us Auntie Anne and Uncle JJ!