Thursday, April 26, 2012

This morning Cari's class took a fun fieldtrip to the Strawberry patch.  The kids had so much fun picking berries before the storm hit.  They colored cute strawberry hats and drank a yummy slushie too.  The hayride didn't work out so well since the rain hit but we will definately try to go back before the season is over.  We sure love picking berries and hope to make some Jam today or tomorrow since we have tons now!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to our sweet friend, Kerrington.  Hope you enjoyed your special Snow White Party today.  Carissa and Ryder had so much fun.  Carissa loved the rock candy, candy apples and of course, Snow White!!  Ryder was prefectly happy hanging out in the exersaucer watching all the fun.  From fun PArty games to some yummy cake, we were so glad we could help you turn another year older.  We loved the beautiful red capes and dwarf hats grandma made for your party and all the cute themed party food...Mommy and Aunt Amy did a great job!!  Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Strawberry Picking at Hall Farm

Last week we decided to try and take the kids strawberry picking one evening after dinner, It is hard to find a time where Mason can go to since he is in school now. It was already pretty late and they close each day at 7pm but luckily the weather was beautiful and there was hardly anyone there....Mason and Carissa had so much fun picking all the berries and this was the first year I did not have to survey their choices...all we big and red.....a big step up from all the green ones Mason was picking just 2 short years ago....Ryder also loved sitting in the muddy fields snacking on the berries...later that night I wondered if he should have since most kids should not have strawberries until 1 years old because of possible allergies...I guess by the 3rd kid all goes out the door...thankfully he is still alive and seemed just fine! The kids also loved the homemade strawberry slushies, wagon rides and play area. We are looking forward to going back again with our friends this season!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Morning to All

This morning the kids woke to lots of colorful eggs the easter bunny left on our front yard and they were thrilled to find he had left them some easter basket goodies in the dining room too!! Ryder had the best time grabbing candy out of Mason's basket and enjoying his very first Peeps!! Carissa loved her candy necklace and new jewelry while Mason was thrilled to get another He-Man DVD Volume 2 and a spiderman puzzle. We are so thankful for this day and for all the loved ones we could share it with. Later in the sfternoon our friends, the Froehlichs came over to have Easter dinner with us. The kids played outside, found a few more eggs from the bunny and decorated some yummy Easter Cookies. So glad they could join us for another holiday. Hope everyone one Had a very Happy Easter, so sad to see Spring Break end and school start back up tomorrow...its been so fun having all 3 kids home this week!!