Sunday, April 26, 2015

Charlotte Nature Museum Day with the kids

Family Pizza Night in April 2015

Daddy was gone this evening at Dance U practicing for the big Dad performance at the recital so we decided it would be fun to make some homemade pizzas at home:)  The kids spread a bunch of sauce, cheese pepperonis and green peppers to create some of their favorites....They did a great job with minimal cheese damage:)  They were so excited to show Daddy what they made and even more excited about the oreo pie they got for dessert after they ate their pizza and lazy sundays

Pirates vs Bulldogs Game Day Spring 2015

The Pirates were great today playing the Bulldogs and even though they didn't get the win they were hoping for they have come a long way this season with Darren as their head coach along with Coach Erick these boys have worked hard on catching, running passes and pulling flags.  We have had such an inconsistent season due to lots of rain this spring but the kids are having a blast and we are hoping for a win soon!!!! Mason was captain this game and also played quarter back for a bit:)  He has become quite the flag football player and is really getting into football....we just redid his room actually in Football:) So fun to watch him grow and change and love cheering him on in all he does!! Lets go ECU Pirates!!!