Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mason's 6th Hotwheels Birthday

Wow!! So hard to believe that my little guy is such a big kid now...6 years old!!! This was the first year I noticed how much older the kids at his party were as he actually had alot of school friends attend his party. Mason loved his hotwheels celebration...Pa came to visit and Made some super cool race tracks, we put out car rugs and the sky jump, had pizza and lots of racing fun. Mommy made tropheys filled with m&m's, GaGa made hotwheel chocolate bars, mommy made cool lollipops and water bottles too...The kids loved playing and had sucha fun time, At 6 years old, Mason is learning all his sight words, to read simple AR books, loves scooby doo, legos and anything NERF. He is a great helper with Ryder and loves playing in the backyard and riding bikes with Cari. Mason even started baseball this spring so we are excited to catch some games..what a great year for him, hope he has another blessed year and I love watching my sweet baby grow, just wish he wouldnt grow up too fast!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baseball Opening Day 2012

We are so excited for Mason to finally be playing coach pitch baseball...He missed the age cut off for tee-ball so we were concerned at first but he seems to be doing really great. He can hit the ball, throw and run the bases...His favorite part is getting a huge piece of bubblegum before each game and Daddy is thrilled to be assistant coaching....He is so proud of Mason!! The boys are so cute as they are still at the age when they dont know what to do after they hit a ball and cant quite figure where to throw it when it comes to them on the field. Either way, they seem to be having fun and it is so cute to watch them at this age....heres to a good rest of the season and hoping it dosn'y get too hot on those fields!!!