Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our Family is Full of JOY 2014

Carissa's 6th Rainbow Brite Birthday

This year has been so fun planning Carissa's Birthday as I grew up also loving Rainbow Brite.  She has really enjoyed watching the old episodes and movie in youtube. I was able to order some fun vintage items on ebay for the party as well as create a lot of my own fun things for it.  She will be so excited to see it all come together...We added rainbows to the mix and will be doing lots of rainbow crafts with her friends the day of the party. I built a new cupcake stand and have painted this really cool Somewhere over the rainbow board for the back of the dessert table. Carissa and I made a bunch of cute treat pails with all the girls names cut out of them and Gaga helped by printing all the printables and making the birthday banner. We ordered some amazing cookies again from sugar with rainbow brite theme...cant wait for them.  This year Darren will be gone with Mason at the Boyscout Pinewood derby Car races so we need to be prepared ahead of time and since Mommy is good at that kind of stuff I think we will be all set:)  SO excited for a rainbow brite birthday with my sweet 6 year, when did she grow up???