Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mason's Fall Pictures 2011

Can't believe that October is less than a week away....the time has flown by...Mason is growing up too fast....He didn't get normal pictures taken this fall since he is no longer in preschool so we decided to walk up to the pond last night after a yummy mexican dinner and take some of our own. We were able to get a few pictures just before the construction on our neighborhood pond progressed too much....looks like it will all be drained in a matter of weeks.....,y kids love this pond so hoping the 6 months go by quickly!!! Mason was so fun and I sure do love this little man!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mason & Carissa....the stuff I should be Wrtiting Down!!!

Mom: "Mason I cant be at school so you have to make sure you are eating lunch everyday" Mason: "Mom, you may not be at school but I can sense you in my heart"

Mason: "Mom, this medicine tastes like a dirty piece of bubble gum peeled off the sidewalk"

Mom: "Mason slow down, no running in the house...you will run into something" Mason:
" Mom...don't worry I have a built in navigation system"

Carissa after a morning at preschool " Mom, I pledge allegiance to the United States of MIRACLES"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Fall Card Designs by Angie

Just a few cute pictures from this month that I had fun designing some cards for:) Thought they would be fun to design and get a few printed for the kids memory boxes:)

Mason's Buggy Room

Ok so ...did I mention that Mason has a newly redecorated Buggy Style room.....definately not MY envision for a boys room.....I loved his pottery barn-esque red and navy room BUT this boy loves him some bugs and the color GREEn....this room sure is Green now!!!! I guess a 9 month pregnant mommy can be easily persuaded......all thats important is that he loves it and I have a little bit of relief knowing in 2 years I can re-decorate when his brother is older and ready to bunk with him:) On the plus side, we were able to hang all of our Pa's Fantastic wooden bugs that him and GaGa had made for Mason's last birthday....a bug party!!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sharon Baptist Preschool

Cari had a great day at preschool this morning. She talked all about her hand print art, standing in a circle to play a game and eating crackers and water for snack. It was only a 2 hour shortened day today but I am thankful it went well for her and especially carpool....I was so worried she would be scared walking in by herself BUT she actually was told to walk as she took off sprinting into the school with a smile on her face.....Looking forward to her making new friends and learning each day....seems like she has great teachers and is looking forward to a great first year of preschool

Apple Picking at Windy Hill Orchard 2011

This past Labor Day weekend we headed out for a nice morning of Apple Picking at the Windy Hill Orchard....the kids always have the best time picking apples as we have done this for 4 years....The crops were not super this year but we managed to get some delicious apples to take home....Mason and Cari also loved the baby pigs and roosters walking around throughout the orchard. Before we left we made sure we enjoyed some of their yummy warm apple donuts and cider slushies.....what a great start to our fall even if it is still in the 90's in the Carolinas!!!

Mason's 1st Day of Kindergarten

It is so so so hard to believe that my baby boy has just began Kindergarten....seems like it was just yesterday that we moved to Cameron woods where he joined a playgroup of other little boys who were all 10 months old like him.....now all these boys are off to elementary school....even after 6 years of teaching kindergarten, I am still not ready for my own to be gone!!! It is comforting to imagine what he is doing all day and hope he doing the same wonderful things that I did with my own classes when I taught....It has been a week and he talks alot about the centers, the bugs he finds at school and the laps he runs at recess...I was getting worried but today he said they learned about the 5 senses:) Here are a few pictures from Open house and his first day of school!!!

Carissa's Walk in the Park

Here are a few photos from Mommy and Carissa's afternoon at the park while her big brother was at a birthday party:) Thought it would be a fun way to get some cute pictures of here in one of her newest dresses....poor baby had a great time despite bumping into a cactus by the pond and having to get the stickers out!!!! She is growing up so quickly I wish I could keep her this age forever...she is such a little girly girl....I love it!!!!