Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pinch Me Green...Happy St. Patty's Day

Today the kids had the greenest St.Patricks Day ever....starting at Mason's School, they did a Muffins for Mommy morning then, Carissa had a morning playdate at our house with her good friend Izzy and sister Clara...They ate green grapes, green goldfish, green applesauce, green cupcakes and green juice...ahh!!! So Fun!! Wish we could have played longer but we had to pick up Mason from Preschool and he brought home his friend Isa this afternoon for round 2 of Green Day Fun!!! They had the best time snacking and playing in the backyard. Playtime ended just in time to serve up our Cornbeef, Cabbage and Red Potato Dinner...and after dinner we had a mess in our living room as McLucky the Leprechaun came through making a big mess and leaving gold coins everywhere. Happy St.Patty's Day...I am sure glad all of our fun is over for the day...mommy is tired!!!

Lucky Little Girls

Carissa and Izzy are so lucky to have spent the last 2 St.Patrick's days together...I sure hope every year we can do a traditional St.patty's Playdate....Look at how much these 2 adorable girls have grown up in just one year!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

St.Patricks Day Parade and Festival in Uptown Charlotte

Every Year Charlotte has a great Parade uptown and this year, we jumped on the Lightrail and headed uptown to check it out..The kids had so much fun watching all the cool cars, firetrucks and floats!!! They loved the clown on the unicycle and the kids throwing candy!!! There was also lots of dogs in the parade that Cari loved and even a dog carrying a Parrot on its back!!! Everyone was dressed in green and had lots of Irish Cheer. We had a great lunch at Fuel Pizza...checked out the festival then spent the rest of the afternoon at Discovery Place...whew, we sure were tired on the ride home...Hope everyone has a Happy St.Patricks Day 2010!!!

Discovery Place in Charlotte

Charlotte just finished their remodel at Discovery Place and We were lucky enough for GaGa and Pa to get us a Family Pass for the entire year for Carissa's Birthday. They had a great children's area and Mason loved making "contraptions" out of building materials upstairs. Their favorite is always the water play and Mason loved building his own race car and racing it with all the other kids. We can't wait to continue taking the Light Rail Uptown for more fun this summer.

Backyard Buddies

A Nice Day for a Picnic

March has brought us some pretty nice days here in Charlotte...Last week we had a few days of 60-70 degree weather and the kids could not wait to eat and play outside again...Welcome Spring...we pray for a little less rain and a little more Sunshine

Our Little " Wo-Why" Snow White

Carissa loves her Disney Princesses and by far her favorite is Snow White...Ironically the others are also "Belle-White" "Rella-White" etc....she spends most days pushing her babies in trollers, feeding them and obsessing about their where-abouts. She was super excited to wake up one morning to her very own "Wo-Why" Costume!!!