Saturday, April 30, 2011

Water Play in April 2011

The weather in Charlotte always turns so warm in April/May so its like getting 2 extra months of summer. I never remember April being swimsuit weather in Chicago when I grew up!!! My kids had so much fun yesterday outside playing in their little pool in the backyard. Big enough to splash in and fill their water squirters anyway. So thankful the summers are warm and Mason can go out to play each day....he LOVES the backyard and could stay out for hours!!! Carissa had a little trouble at first loading the water into the squirter but Mason is a good helper and she picked it up quickly!!! Both kids loved playing together in the backyard!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Galbraith Home:Easter Morning

We have so many Blessings to be thankful for this Easter Season and our kids had a wonderful morning searching for evidence that the easter bunny had visited our home. Carissa was thrilled that the bunny brought her Baby All Gone and Mason loved his foam glider airplanes, Tootsie Roll Bank and Marshmallow Peeps!!! Both kids loved finding eggs in the front yard and especially if they found a treat inside....some our sweet bunny left empty:) Mason is looking forward to making ice cream cones with his new playdoh maker too. After Church we had a great Easter Meal at The Larson's Home that consisted of some yummy ham, potatoes, rolls, strawberry and feta cheese salad and oreo truffle for dessert!!! We also got to enjoy a cute Bunny cake wishing Sophie a Happy 3rd Birthday!!!! Many Easter Blessings from our home to yours!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Annual Cameron Wood Egg Hunt

This morning Mason and Carissa had fun in our neighborhood visiting with their friends, checking out the Easter Bunny and hunting for some yummy Candy Filled Eggs. This was the first Year that no one was afraid of the bunny and the kids had a great time...They had some fun prizes at the end...Mason of course picked a foam sword and Carissa picked a cute stuffed bunny rabbit that she named: Mr. Rabbit. Can't wait for a nice Easter morning with the family tomorrow!!!

Easter Pictures By the Pond

This morning we got a chance to take some pretty pictures down by our neighborhood pond while waiting for the Annual Easter Egg hunt to begin. My kids always love visiting the pond and we were happy to get out for a little bit while the rain stopped. Happy Easter 2011!!!

Easter Egg Hunt with Friends

This past Friday it was raining pretty hard but we still had lots of fun with our friends: Ford, Sydney and Kenneth at the Winget Rec Center Easter Egg Hunt. They had some cute art projects, games and a fun egg hunt to partake it.....Mason really just couldn't wait to find eggs. Funny enough both kids wanted to open each egg as they went along instead of collecting a bunch and then opening them all:) This was a really fun time and so glad we got to spend a day of spring break with some good friends of ours....we then headed to McDonalds for some lunch afterwards:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strawberry Picking 2011

This year the kids had a blast picking strawberries with their friends and hunting for bugs amongst the patches.....Mason did great finding the nice red strawberries until he spotted his first yellow ladybug then from there on his mission was to find as many bugs as possible hiding in the plants. Carissa loved finding berries until she too discovered that they were better to eat and so our 2nd round of picking consisted of nothing but green stems in our basket:) They had such fun and we hope to maybe get in another round of picking but since the crops were damaged from the hail storm the day of Mason's 5th Birthday Party...the picking may not be here long!!!