Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Playdate with Preston and Abby

We were so excited to have our friends Preston and Abby over for a playdate this morning. The weather is finally nice enough to be outside and start having our friends over to play and this also gave the Harbins a chance to get some unpacking done at their new house....we are so happy they were able to stay in cameron woods because Mason would definately be lost without Preston!!!! All the kids had so much fun splashing, eating popsicles and having a picnic out in the yard. Mason and Preston chased the girls around all morning trying to splash them and the girls loved swimming in the pools and going down the slides. So fun to see all these pictures of the fun times they have together and how much they have grown in the past few years!!! hard to believe the boys met at CW Playgroup at 10 months old and in a few short months will be going off to kindergarten together!!!!

Gianna's Dora Birthday Party

Carissa had so much fun on this hot, hot day at her friend Gianna's 3rd Birthday Party. Chemeeka did a wonderful job celebrating Gianna with a Dora Party. The kids ate cupcakes, colored Dora Pictures, Played in the Dora Bounce House and even found lots of fun candy in the Pinata!!! It was a hot 93 degrees today in Charlotte but that never stops the kids from having fun with their friends...Cari and Gianna loved running around with their balloons in the backyard and even visiting with the chickens!!! Happy Birthday to our sweet friend Gianna!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Look like our New baby is a.....

BOY!!!!! We are so excited to welcome a new baby Boy to Our Family Early this October 2011. Mason is thrilled to have a little brother and Carissa is so excited to be able to help feed and walk a real baby!!! We got rid of all Mason and Cari's baby stuff so it will be like starting all over again, but carefully as we do not have quite the space we did before 3 kids resided in our home:) When I told carissa we were going to need more girls in this family as we were now out numbered by Boys her response was "Yeah...Boys are loud and they make Traps":) Here are a few images of our baby bundle #3

The Charlotte Nature Museum

Our local Nature Museum has some fun little exhibits for the kids to check out and it is also along side the very beautiful Freedom Park. The kids took a nice walk around the park's big pond and then we headed to the nature center to check out all the new butterflies that have emerged!!! There were so many butterflies as there usually is this time of year, the kids loved walking around as they fluttered by them. We also checked out the turtles, owls and skunks. Hoping to visit a few more times this summer!!!

Carowinds Amusement Park

This past weekend we took the kids to rides some rides at Carowinds Amusement Park. Carissa had so much fun riding the horses and Mason had a blast as he was chosen to participate in the Peanuts Live show in the Pavillion. He got to clank the frying pan with the drum stick...what little kid wouldn't love that:) The kids also loved riding the airplanes, swings and Boo Blaster Ride. Boo Blaster is formerly the Scooby Doo Ride and Mason still loves to ride it each trip we make there....its the 1st one he asks for.....this was an easy morning trip for us as Darren is still getting use to walking without crutches after his knee surgery...we just couldn't pass up the chance to enjoy one of the cooler days here before the summer weather sets in!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PoolTime in the Backyard 2011

Mason and Carissa love to swim and splash around in the pool in our backyard....they fill their squirters, dump water on each other and love going down the slide together into the pool....thankfully we found a pool slightly deeper than the one we had last year to work for these growing little kiddies:) Carissa could go down the slide on her tummy into the water all day long and Mason could go non stop trying to squirt someone when they weren't looking!!! So glad the kids can spend alot of time out here....they then had a great picnic before naptime!!!! Tonight we are going to Movies in the Park again to see Despicible Me and enjoy some popcorn and Ice Cream while we sit our family weekends!!!!