Sunday, September 22, 2013

Carolina Panthers Football Game in Uptown Charlotte

What a fun Game Day for Mason and Daddy as they headed to the Carolina Panther's Stadium in Uptown Charlotte to watch them play the New York Giants. This was Mason's very firts football game and he had a great time...The Panther's Won!  Mason caught a team shirt and ate lots of yummy blue cotton candy, he even got a panther's Mac Truck Toy as a souvenier on the way out of the game.  We love Company tickets to the game and Mason had the best weekend first camping with dad and then the game to finish it off!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mason joins Pack 502 in Boy Scouts

Mas is thrilled to be a part of pack 502 in Boy Scouts. This year he joined as a wolve and has already completed his Bobcat Badge. He pack meets every Monday night at church and he is super excited for his first camping trip this weekend at the state park...mommy is a little nervous but hope he continues to enjoy scouts, the kids are loving all the fun things they can do as they get older but this mom wishes they would stay little longer!!! So proud of our new boy scout!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jackson's first trip to the Barber Shop

As tradition has it all of our boys get their first haircut at an old fashioned Barber Shop so we finally got Jack there to get a haircut just 2 short weeks before he turns 1 years old. Both both had a fun morning out with Mommy getting their hair cut...Ryder did so well and Jack was a little sad the whole time but luckily he stopped a few seconds here and there so I could take his picture....i love my sweet boys and it is nice taking them out while the kids are in school.