Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Fun 2012

Tonight we finally got around to carving our pumpkins for Halloween...which is tomorrow by the way!!!  I was browsing facebook and was admiring some of the pumpkin carvings people had posted and thought...wow...we should do ours soon....when it hit me that tomorrow is Halloween so we better go ahead and get that taken care of tonight....luckily the kids ate an early dinner and we were ready to go.....Jack cried the whole time...Ryder kept eating pumpkin guts when noone was looking....Mason was a little too intriuged with the carving tools and Cari kept referring to the guts of the pumpkins as the "Goots" BUT we thankfully got those pumpkins ready to go.....and Jack finally cried enough to wear himself out so I can spend the rest of the night cleaning up the huge mess from all of our fun...hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spooky Little Skeleton

Mason has had a few fun costumes this year (mostly in part because I buy them at Kids Consignment sales for next to nothing)  So far he has been a Jail Breaker, Peter Pan and now onto the Spooky Skeleton!!!  Looking forward to Halloween Night and some fun Trick or Treating....our new neighborhood has some really cool decorations up....seems like they really get into it...should be a fun year!

Pleasant Hill Church Fall Festival

So we are just a few days away from Halloween and Carissa has really been looking forward to the Fall Festival at her school.  We got to go this evening and it was a really nice time.  We had homemade BBQ, the kids played on the inflatables and playground with their friends, there was a cake walk and bake sale.....a car show and hayride too.  The event ended with a fun Trunk or Treat....all the cars were decorated and the kids went from trunk to trunk collecting goodies.....even Ryder had a blast getting candy.....if you could have seen the tears when we had to take away his giant Tootsie Roll to put him in his car seat....WOW!  Although Cari saew alot of her friends since it was hosted by the church where she attends preschool....Mason was also excited to see 2 little boys that are in his class at Indianland Elementary.  Everyone had a fun time and are now in bed resting up for more fun tomorrow!!!!

Boo at the Zoo in Columbia, SC

So...this was an impulse trip but a super fun one none the less....that I am glad we were able to do with our new family of 6!!! It takes alot of effort taking 4 kids to all these fall festivities but it is what we love and it is so fun to see the kids enjoy themselves. Boo at the Zoo was super fun...we have never been before and while Mason was at a birthday party last weekeend I bought tickets last minute for it that same evening....as soon as he got home we loaded the car and headed to Columbia SC. It is a little over an hour from us and the hours for Boo at the Zoo were 6-9pm. We got there like 10 minutes afetr 6pm...not too bad!!!! The kids loved all the spooky decorations and lights. Alot of the animals were actually still out and the kids loved all the trick or treat stations...it worked out perfectly as there is a playground in center of Zoo that we were able to stop at when Darren and I had to feed both babies a bottle while the older 2 got to play!!! We roasted Marshmallow in huge fire pits, attended to Monster Bash Dance Party and even did a spooky maze. There were tons of cute kids dressed up and this is something I can definately say we would make an annual event....thanks Riverbanks Zoo for all the fun!!!!

Blacks Peaches Festival 2012

Last weekend we headed to York SC to visit Blacks Peaches Fall Festival.  The kids loved riding the hayride, the tin cow train and playing in the 3 little pigs house.  We enjoyed peach slushies, visited the farm animals and played in lots of hay.  Ryder LOVED the baby pig pen and Mason and Carissa had the best time in the hay maze.  We love Blacks Peaches and usually stop there after the apple festival each year....with 4 kids now we were not able to make it to the apple harvest this year but luckily the Peach farm is still open through out October!  Lots of fun...Lots of Hay...Lots of Baths!!!!