Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carissa's Princess Party

Carissa had the best time this weekend celebrating her 3rd Birthday with all her friends....Even her GaGa and Auntie and and Cousin Emma came for the special event:) the kids had a blast decorating princess crowns, eating cupcakes and ice cream and bouncing around in the Princess Castle Bounce House.....could not have asked for a better day, weather was mid 70's and we had all our best friends here:) More to come soon but here are a few photos!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carissa The Birthday Girl

A Day filled with fun as our little mama turns 3 years old. Carissa had a fun day of present opening, she loved her new snow white barbie from GaGa and her new pink radio flyer trike from Mom, Dad and Mason and lots of fun Barbie furniture from Grandma Icenbice. We also had a yummy dinner out at Red Robin and then some delicious Snow white whip cream and chocolate cake to celebrate our little princess!!! Happy Birthday Cari...we love you!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Princess

Happy 3rd Birthday Carissa Noelle.....we are so excited for your special day to finally be here. You are such a little character....loving to fill your stroller with all your treasures.....setting up the sweetest picnics for all your babies, lining up all your dollies along your bed each night....waking up at all hours to place something in the hall that does not"belong in your eyes" in your bedroom(bugs, books, mason's toys, pajamas etc....) You love playdates with your friends and enjoy playing at the swing set place, monkey joes and with your doll house in your bedroom.....your favorites this year were Snow White and Owls!!!! Your favorite Foods are raisins, mango juice and string cheese. Your are super tall at 39 inches and weigh 38 pounds (just 3 pounds lighter than your brother) You really love playing your MobiGo learning game player that you call you (mango-Go) and love your babies: Bootsie, Stella and Bootsie's Best Friend!! Can't wait to share another year with you and create so many more fun you lots!!! Mom, Dad and Mason

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Playdate at SAS Cupcakes

This morning Carissa had the best time with her friend Gianna at SAS Cupcakes.....the girls got to pick out their very own Valentine Cupcake and head to the Sprinkle Bar to add some extra YUM to it....Carissa picked out the biggest and pinkest Cupcake there and added some more pink heart sprinkles to top it off.....Chemeeka did such a great job hosting this playdate, she had some really cute Valentine Crafts for the kids to do and even some sweet take home hearts:) We came home with a Red Velvet cupcake for Daddy and A Giant Chocolate Sprinkle Cupcake for Mason:) What a sweet way to celebrate our day....Happy Valentines Day!!! A very happy Birthday to Our GaGa and Uncle JJ too....hope their day is sprinkled with fun too!!!