Monday, February 25, 2013

Jack's Big Boy Stuff with baby #4 it has been so hard to document the little stuff..especially into a physical book but wanted to note that he finally rolled over tonight for the first time at 5 months old!!  We was so proud of his little self.  Also, ever since his first taste of baby food at 4 months...this is one hungry beaver!!  He eats oatmeal mixed with formula, pears, peaches and sweet potatoes so far....only in the mornings because mommy is too tired late at night to top him off with an entire feeding production but he is happy all the time...laughs out loud so so loud and is sure one easy baby!!! Hoping after we move this spring we will get him out of our bedroom and into his big boy room!  Love our little Jack Jack so much!!!

Carissa gets her ers pierced for her 5th Birthday

Carissa was so excited to finally get her ears pierced for her birthday...she has wanted them done for years and mommy finally agreed!  She was very brave as she sat in the chair in Concord Mills shopping mall.  She squeezed those little hands together really tight and 123...she was done!!!  She picked out some cute little pink flower starter earrings made of white gold and has been really good about reminding mommy to clean them twice a day.  Such a big girl we have now!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Day in Fort Mill South Carolina...2013

 last week...namely, 1 hour following Carissa's 5th birthday party (where she wore flip flops and tee and skirt) a blizzard hit South Carolina:)  No really as the little girls were exiting the party the flurries started and 2 hours later we had about 6 inches covering everything outside our door!!  We have not had snow here in the south for 2 years now and after asking for winter gear last xmas it was quite the disappointment BUT today it all paid off....we traded in a Chik-Fila dinner for a night of sledding in ...our snow boots, snow pants, hats gloves and even the sleds surprised the kids as we never ended up giving them to them last xmas because we felt bad there was no snow....Mason was over the moon to find out we had sleds....did I mention what a bummer this huge hill in our yard has been since living here....we are just renting for 1 year until we buy in the spring and the kids have hated our yard because it is one giant hill...making it hard to play and run around BUT tonight that was tossed aside because our yard was a winter wonderland with the best sledding hill ever!!!  Even Ryder liked getting pulled around in the sled.
As with any snow in the south it left as quickly as it came and by the next day our snowman was barely standing but what a fun birthday present that was for Carissa and the boys were thrilled too!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carissa's Sweet Lemonade Stand Birthday

This year Carissa wanted a party with lemonade and cupcakes so I put together this cute pink and yellow lemonade stand party for her.  It was so fun to take her pictures for the invitation in a really cute dress I had made for her and the lemonade stand I made turned out great too....wanted to get some pictures up that I have prior to party and then add the party pictures this saturday.  Carissa is thrilled for Gaga and Auntie Mimi to fly in Friday for her party and equally excited to finally get her ears pierced for her special day.  Mommy is getting all the fun party stuff ready...The kids will be playing pass the lemon game to earn lemonade dollars.  They will then get to use the money they earned to buy sweets from the lemonade fun!!!!  They are also making really fun lemon bracelets...Mommy worked hard to find special beads and a charm that would go great for her friends.  Hoping this weekend our sweet girl know how much she is loved and we can celebrate another precious year of life with her!!! xoxo mommy!

Carissa's Pink lemonade party fun!


Just a few fun party details for Cari's Party....Some really cute favors and lots more to come as Mommy is able to get projects done and uploaded...thanks to Gaga and Mimi for working on a cute banner, lemon candy favors, cookies and were a huge help making Carissa's day extra special!!!