Thursday, July 26, 2012

Joliet Splash Station 2012

Today had to be one of the hottest days during our Chicago trip this year.  Gaga got us some passes to the Splash Station so we trekked through the heat to get in a little bit of splashtime with the kids.  Even little Ryder Bear had a super fun time splashing....i can't even imagine next summer with 4 kids at places like these.  Luckily our new neighborhood has a pool and we won't have to go far to swim.  The kids went down the kiddie pool slides and swam a bunch.  We only lasted about 2 hours but in 104 degree heat we thought that was pretty my little babies and can't wait to splash some more next summer.

Friday, July 20, 2012

4th of July Festivities 2012

Happy Independance Day 2012!!!  We really enjoyed spending time with our family this year. Aunt Rita had us over for a wonderful cookout and the kids had the best time playing with their cousins.  They did slip and slide down a giant hill, ran around with glow sticks and caught fire flies.  What a nice day followed by beautuiful fireworks that evening.  Happy 4th to all!!!!  Can't say we will alaways be able to make it home eachs ummer but so glad we were able to squeeze in a trip this summer between moving, packing and baby boy #4 arriving!!!

A Trip to American Girl

The girls had such a fun trip driving to downtown Chicago to go to the American Girl Shop with Mommy, Auntie Anne and Gaga.  They loved looking at all the beautiful dolls and getting to pick one out of their very own.  Gaga also treated them to a fun luncheon where they we allowed to have their dolls dine with them.  The dolls were given their own seat and cups of tea while the girls enjoyed lots of yummy teatime foods and some really cute desserts.  Cari picked out a pretty blode doll with blue eyes who she named Ariel but still calls her"My American Girl Doll" and a beautiful masquarade gown and mask.  Thank you Gaga for such a great day and wonderful memory of our first trip to American Girl!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ryder Jacob's Baptism July 1, 2012

This past weekend we were so happy to celebrate sweet Ryder and have his Baptism in the presence of family while back home visiting.  Ryder was baptized at Christ Lutheran Church in front of close family and a few friends.  Thank you to everyone who made his day so wonderful...afterwards we had a small luncheon hosted by Gaga and Pa.  They had yummy food and mommy enjoyed making a desert table in his honor....he is such a amazing little boy and we are so blessed to have him in our family!  Thank you to Auntie Anne and Uncle Scott for being his God Parents and loving on our precious baby.