Monday, September 28, 2009

Playtime at Dusk in Cameron Wood

It is so fun in our neighborhood in the evening when all of our friends and neighbors are out and about. It was a beautiful breezy night tonight (hopefully the start of fall) and we enjoyed riding our bikes to the park and playing with Harrison. We also stopped and played at Preston and Abby's House for a bit before it got too dark. Can't wait for more of this great weather....
Happy Fall Ya'll
Love, The Galbraiths

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Boy of Many Hats

Daddy's Purple Adias Soccer socks with Favorite Green Creepy Crawly Shirt
Hotwheels Jacket with New Un-Stinky Monster Boots
Mason's Max the Magician Costume
Building Towers with Potato Head
So.....Yes, this is my child seen pictured above....despite my efforts to match his clothes each morning....he seems to be accessorizing to the MAX....I often look at him and wonder how he ends up the way he does but when you see his little eyes light up as he is shows you one of his latest fashions you can't help but love him!!! I will have to keep updating this post throughout the months with all of his latest and greatest. Fashion Divas lookout for Bubba Doo and Little Cari too!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SkateBoards and Shortcakes

Tonight the kids had a chance to play outside with our Neighbor Cole and friend Ellie from down the street. Mason got to show off his skateboard skills (minimal I must say, but very dedicated) and he thinks Cole is the coolest ever so this will definetly motivate him to learn...unlike the bike!!! He even said "Mom, Check out my Rad Moves!!" Uncle Bryan and Auntie Val got him a cool hotwheels board this summer and he can't wait to become a pro. Auntie Val also just finished up a bunch of cute pillowcase dresses for Carissa and this Strawberry Shortcake material was just one of the cute materials GaGa picked up for Auntie Val to sew for her...we are very lucky to have the best family ever and love our new dresses!!!

The Rain, The Rain...It Went Away!!!

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE their rain gear and wear their rainboots all the time so of course they were thrilled this morning to see all the rain coming down right as we were getting ready to leave for school. We stopped in our tracks and switched into rain day gear only to step outside to a NOW completely rainless neighborhood. Oh well.....My kids were the ONLY 2 kids that showed up to school prepared for Terrential 86 degreee sticky carolina heat:) Happy (Almost) Rain Day!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go Panthers!!!

It's Sunday...which in our house means "Football"!!! Although native Iowa Hawkeye and Chicago Bears Fans, we still have love for our Carolina Panthers.....who happen to be playing in Atlanta this weekend. We are praying for a better game than last weekend and the kids sure are ready to show their Panther Spirit!!! Mason and Daddy are at the park right now tossing around the football, gearing up for todays game. Mason keeps telling daddy that he does not want to watch them on the TV because the Panthers play football OUTSIDE not on TV!!!!

Pirates Show and Tell Day

In honor of yesterday's "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Mason decided to choose 2 of has favorite Pirate Books to share at school this week for Show and Tell. He also was the best little helper making some yummy Pirate Sugar Cookies to share on his special day. He rolled the dough out and even used the cookie cutters in the shapes of hooks, Pirate ships and pirate flags. He did a great job and we hope he has fun sharing his dream of one day becoming a pirate!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carissa's Playdate with Abby

Carissa turned 19 months old today and she has quite the fun personality. She now responds to the "smile" command by squinting her eyes tight and grinning the whole 4 teeth shes has on the is really funny. Cari and Abby had the best playdate this morning. They had so much fun playing with babydolls and the kitchen set was so nice to sit and watch them interact together. They even gobbled down a big lunch before having to pick up their big brothers from preschool. Watch out Abby Carissa looks like she may eat your lunch too:) We can't wait to get in a little more girl time this year!!!

A Walk through Cameron Woods

Last week we loaded up the wagon...with all the essentials of course (KiKi Doll, Cowgirl boots, Spidy Hat and Froggy Boots plus kids) and headed for a walk around the pond...Mason always has his eyes wide open for possible bugs to add to his collection and Carissa ooh's and ah's over every dog that she see's along the way!! It was a nice night to get out but those two sure are gettin heavy to pull in the wagon!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Joys of Being a Kid

It seems like some days all the toys in the world seem insignificant as we enter the Harris Teeter Grocery Store and both kids eyes light up at the sight of the free balloons there for the taking (not to mention the free sugar cookies just around the corner at the bakery). Mason and Carissa will play with these for hours at home....that is until the next morning comes when they are sadly lying on the ground....luckily we grocery shop a lot so there is always hope for another!!! I swear from age 1-4 years old, Balloons and Dogs could put Fisher Price and Little Tykes out of Business!!!!

Show-N-Tell Day at Preschool

Mason was super excited to be first in the show-n-tell lineup at Forest Hill Preschool. We all know how patiently he has been waiting to share his Cicada he found in the front yard last week. His name is Cicada-E and he lives in a strawberry Jar...or so that is what Mason says!!! We also had alot of fun printing pictures of cicadas off the internet to make a little book to share and I am sure the kids enjoyed the bug shaped cookies and stickers too!!! Since there are not a ton of kids in his class looks like we will be doing this 2 times a month...can't wait to see what Mason decides to share next!!! I pray for something that is not alive!!!! He is constantly tying to pick up worms and bugs on the ground and give them a nice home in OUR HOUSE...yuck!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Holiday at Carowinds

Today was a wonderful day to spend as a family at Carowinds. We spent the entire Morning riding all sorts of fun rides together BUT the best part of all was............Mason was finally tall enough to ride the Pirate Ship ride. We didnt think it would happen this summer but it finally did....He was so super excited that he had to go on twice!!!! He has been asking for 2 years now if he could ride so of course we were thrilled. Both kids loved the Dora Train Ride and lazy Town Helicopters. Can't wait to go back in just a few short weeks for their Halloween Celebration: Hallo-Fest. It was so much fun last year!!!

Labor Day BBQ

We had a great time last night with Mandy, Thom and Ford. The kids had so much fun playing in the new house and (Boat Dock Thom built) in their backyard. They also took a fun ride around the block and we definately enjoyed some great weather. Thanks guys for another fun get together....Happy Labor Day