Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pleasant Hill Preschool 2012

Today was Carissa's Open HOuse at her new Preschool in Fort Mill SC.  She was so excited to see her new classroom, Meet her teachers Ms.Jodie and Ms. Claire, and most of all have Cake and Punch with friends.  She loved picking an apple off the giving tree and exploring in her new room.  Cari showed Mason the science center and circle time.  She is attending 5 days a week but it is only 9am to 12pm and they eat lunch at home so it will get her out of the house every morning to play with friends and learn.  We are so excited to see all the fun things to come this year.

Carissa Preschool Pictures 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Discovery Place Kids

Yesterday we took the Kids to Discovery Place Kids to have a little fun.  Now that we have moved it is a little further for us but the kids like it so we decided to renew our pass but just for this location and not the other 2.  Carissa LOVES the grocery shop and pushing the cart, Mason loves the Pirate ship room, and little Ryder had the best time in the toddler area playing on the giant flowers, and splashing at the kiddie water table.  They did some cute puppet shows, the kids played Vet with the stuffed animals and worked a shift at the diner.  It is nice to go up in the afternoon and get back just in time for dinner:)  Here is some of the fun they had while there!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Parks and Playtime 2012

This morning we headed over to the park in downtown Fort Mill so the kids could run around and play...they loved the climbers and monkey bars.  Ryder even had a great time exploring the park.  They also have a huge paved path there for the kids to ride bikes on our next trip and lots of grassy space to run around and play...or get all their energy out as Mason says:)  Can't believe school starts monday already and the summer is coming to an end!!  Thankfully the weather in the south stays warm clear to November so we have some time to get in some more fun!

Mason's Back to School Night 1st Grade

Mason is now attending Indian Land Elementary School in Fort Mill SC by our new house.  We went last night to show him around and drop off all his school supplies.  His teacher Ms. Hammond seems very nice and it is a huge school of 1400 kids k-5th!!!  His classroom is super cute and looks like he will have a great time learning this year....we are so excited for him to start 1st grade!

Diapers & Dinner Celebration

Last week was so fun as some friends and I got the chance to go out to dinner to celebrate Baby Boy #4.  Everyone was so sweet to bring me a package of diapers for the baby and we had such a yummy dinner at of my favorite resturaunts....thank you Robin for hosting such a nice evening and Melanie ofr the delicious strawberry angelfood cupcakes!!!  This baby is so lucky to have so many people to love on him and I am blessed to have great friends...Here are a few pictures of me with this little guy at 35 weeks!  Less than a month until we get to finally meet him!!!

Ryder's 1st trip to the Barber Shop

This past week we finally got the chance to take little Ryder for his 1st haircut at the Barber Shop...We found the cutest old fashioned Barber by our new house here in downtown Fort Mill, SC.  Gaga wanted him to go to one so we could get a few cute pictures for her downstairs bathroom like all the other boys.  Grandpa Cancialosi was a Barber so ever since the boys were little we have gone to a Barber for their first haircuts.  Ryder did really well sitting like a big boy inthe chair all by himself.  This past week at 10 months old he has learned to crawl, walk along furniture, sleep throught hte night and got his 1st haircut....what a big boy he isgrowing into just in time for his little brother to arrive in less than a month now:)  Our little Ryder now looks like a little BOY!