Sunday, July 20, 2014

Family Roller Skating Day at Kate's Skate

 Such a fun day at Family Skate with the Bernal Family. The kids love skating and Mason and Carissa now have their very own pair from their past birthdays which is nice because they seem slower than the rental skates:) Ryder and Jack even got to skate this time which didn't last long because they saw he arcade games:) Ryder actually did pretty good skating on the neon carpet but never made it out on the rink...Jackson made it out on the rink with Mommy and Daddy but was all over the place laughing and falling simultaneously. Later the boys for the Candy filled claw game and that is where they spent the rest of their time at the skating rink.  Kelly bought all the kids flashing glow rings so they could skate during the glow skates:) Carissa rocked her crimped hair and neon 80's clothes and leg warmers:)  Her and Mason both didn't an awesome job skating this time all by themselves and away from the walls. Such a fun time skating with :) Hope we have more roller skate dates in the future:)

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