Friday, August 1, 2014

Arts & Science Camp 2014

This week the kids had such a fun time at Arts and Science Camp...It was at Carissa's old preschool and we had signed up last year but then last minute went to Chicago and so we had missed it...They were sweet enough to give us a credit and so the kids got to go this time around:)  Carissa signed up for Glamour & Glitz and another fun class where she got to make her very own pajama pants and a matching hairbow...she was so super excited...she picked out a fun cupcake fabric of course. Mason also had a great time he did Martial Arts and Young Builders....He was super thrilled to make his very own marshmallow gun:)  Both kids said this was their favorite camp of the summer...we even had a bunch of friends from our street in their classes which was pretty cool....looking forward to seeing what they will offer next summer!!!

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