Saturday, August 16, 2014

End of Summer at Adventure Landing

Its the end of summer so we thought we would treat the kids to a little Mini Golf, Bumper Cars, Go Kart Racing and Games at Adventure Landing Last night.  The kids had so much fun in the bumper boats squirting each other...luckily they dried quickly since it was still so warm out.  They also powered through 2 whole 18 hole courses in mini golf....I guess not really keeping score made that easier to do.  Lots of Cherry Icees and Game tickets later I would say it was a success!!! We left with a few little plastic men, some clapper hands, a flip flop key chain and some crazy sunglasses...and what I thought was a bunch of exhausted kiddos...well they did get a 2nd wind and piled up their sleeping bags in the upstairs family room, ate some popcorn and watched Epic...I did tell them whoever fell asleep first could pick out the donuts in the morning:)  Lucky for me they all passed out by 10:30pm....Mason and Josh thought 5am was a good time to rise but I convinced them to sleep just a while longer!!!!  So glad our neighbors could join in the fun and that we could celebrate Josh since he was at the Beach for his Birthday a couple weeks ago!!!

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