Saturday, February 7, 2015

Carissa's 7th Baking Birthday Bash


This year is going to be such a sweet year for my princess Carissa. We decided to bake up some yummy goodness and have all her little girl friends over to decorate cupcakes at Carissa's Sweet Shoppe:) I can't believe she is already turning 7 years old...She can tie her shoes all by herself, is becoming an amazing reader and equally loves dancing at Dance U.  She loves her sweets and is mommy's helper...she grocery shops every weekend with Mommy and loves to ride her scooter. She plays with Ryder and Jack on the weekends and loves American Girl. We recently just got a new head replaced on her doll that mommy ruined in the wash:)  She is obsessed with Pug dogs and writing stories...she has accomplished so much in just this last year and we are so proud of her.  She dances, plays t-ball and loves horses...she told me tonight she wants to marry a farmer, live on a farm, have horses and babies.....I hope she gets her wish someday and that she has a very happy 7th birthday...can't wait to celebrate you Carissa!!!

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