Sunday, February 15, 2015

American Girl Doll Bistro at South Park

Carissa had such a fun time at the American Girl doll Bistro that just opened in Charlotte. She got to actually attend 2 different times this month with friends....reservations are hard to come by so she was definately a lucky girl....first an awesome time with Ava and her Mommy...the girls chatted with the cute AG convos on the table and Carissa was so excited about her Milk Shake....the girls even got their dolls ears pierced....they we adorable. The next time was a day before Carissa's 7th birthday we got to go with Sofia and her Mommy. They brought Carissa some cute party hats, an adorable pink cake and some little treats bags to help celebrate her birthday:) The girls had such a fun time and a perfect way to celebrate turning 7 years old. Carissa recieved the new girl of the year 2015: Grace Thomas from Gaga and Pa for her birthday so she was able to bring her with as her guest. All the dolls got their own tea cups and saucers and cute new hair ties:)

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