Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

A wonderful Mother's Day indeed....my morning started with Strawberry Crepes and an Omelet in bed, then homemade gifts, flowers and clothes from my sweet family. Darren even contacted Polka Dots and Swirls to have a super cute Mother's Day cake made for me (he knows me so well) Darren even went to Belk and had 4 outfits handpicked out for me...although they were no quite my taste I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness of the gift:)  We then got the kids dressed and headed to the Gardens...In 13 years I have never been and it was the perfect day to check them out. They gifted each mom with a flower plant and the kids loved checking out all the fountains and frogs throughout the garden Mason even said he loved it so much he wanted his birthday party there next year:) Carissa had us all laughing as she danced around the fountain I told them all to get down but she didnt listen and she fell right in...poor girl had to tour the remaining gardens soaking wet:) W. e took a Horse and Carriage Ride together We all loved the jumping water fountains and Mommy loved being able to take as many pictures as I wanted just for Mothers Day....They had a picnic area set up with toys for the kids to play with during picnic lunch so all the kids had fun playing and we look forward to more trips now that we have their annual pass:)  I loved everything about my day and love being a mom to these 4 great kids...Happy Mother's Day 2015

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