Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More Beach Fun Disney Beaches and Palmetto Dunes Fun

One of our busiest days at the beach so far starting with an early morning bike ride with the kids we saw lots of turtles and cranes while we rode through Palmetto dunes...then we headed to Disney Beach Resort which has a private beach access where the crowds were so much less than the public beaches,....Carissa said she loved the packing sand here so much better too:)  the kids made sand castles and did some more boogie boarding in the Ocean....Later that day we went to the SALTY DOG Cafe to celebrate Daddy's Birthday...he has been wanting to go....it was a beautiful area with pretty boat access and docks all around.  We explored, had lunch and listened to music before making our last stop of the day at Marley's for some homemade ice cream...this may have been a favorite for the kids because there were tons of outdoor games set up for them to enjoy,.....Jenga, Connect Four, Tic Tac Toe...etc.  Such a fun day as a family so glad we decided to explore other vacation towns....but for vacation it sure is EXHAUSTING with 4 kids...oh well maybe when they are older it will be relaxing!!

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