Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Opening Weekend for Blueberry Picking at the Farm

We took a drive out to Bush N Vine early this Saturday morning to do some blueberry picking with the kids. We usually go and do peach and blackberries but the peaches got a bad frost and were not available to pick and blackberries were not quite ready yet but this was the first trip Daddy has ever taken with us here and it was so much easier with help. Not to mention it was cooler early in the am so we were not dying out their in the fields:) The kids picked about one full bucket all together and then we headed back to the stand. They enjoy lots of watermelon samples, tractor rides and rocking chair fun back at the farm stand. We had some peach slushies and enjoyed watching everyone pick berries.  Now to think up what to make with them.....blueberry pancakes sound good right now none of the kids are willing to eat blueberries as one of their fruit options so looks like Mommy will be getting most of these:)

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