Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Fun 2014




So this year the kids had a bunch of fun for St. Patty's day....Sadly, this is the first year we missed the parade as Mason had Baseball Practice. This year he is on a competitive team so they are all business but thankfully we had some fun of our own by making green sprinkle brownies and green milk for snack and our friend Brooke threw an awesome St. Patrick's Scavenger hunt for us and our friends. It was rainy here in South Carolina so we had to do it indoors this year but the kids still had a ball. The kids made rainbow art, ate green cupcakes and rainbow marshmallow treats, and did a treasure hunt for gold coins and played with their friends. Ryder ate almost every single Gold Rolos he found in the little black pots and all the rainbow skittles and Jackson loved playing with all the toys:) So love that our friends like to celebrate holidays like we do:) It was so fun, thanks Brooke, Kerrington and Liam!

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