Sunday, April 13, 2014

Decorating Easter Eggs




What a nice morning to be outside and decorate some Easter eggs with the kids. This year we are trying something a little new, plastic dying eggs...I thought they might be better because I never can tell if my eggs are fully boiled so I always overcook and crack them or the kids drop and crack them all over.  The we have a stinky fridge with more hard boiled eggs we can eat for a year:) The eggs seemed to work well but didn't color really dark...they are pretty pastels though unlike our eggs last year which were a lot of yellows, greens and browns:) The only problem was that since they are hollow they float so we had to keep using the tools to push them down into the water:) And since we cant eat these I think the kids will decorate some and the rest we will make a small easter branch tree and hang them all in:) No matter what the kids liked doing it and being outside together on this beautiful day. We have the neighborhood egg hunt at 2pm today and 2 friends birthdays later on as spring break so far....looks like rain later on though!!

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