Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break at Carowinds

Ahhh...we said we wouldn't do it, we said we didn't miss it that much but at last Mom and Dad caved in and bought the Season passes this year for Carowinds. I think we had just gotten burned out since we have been pass holders for almost 7 years except for last year. Now it was nice as their is now a lot of new resturaunts in there, a new dinosaur exhibit and new shows. The babies were able to rides enough rides and it was not hot yet which is always a bonus!!  Jackson loved the swings and Ryder didn't look like he loved his first roller coaster but there is always next year or later this summer. Mason is getting taller and can ride some big coasters this year but today the lines were so long we told him we would come back after spring break to ride!!  Carissa could sit all day and dance to the shows. I think the kids will have fun this year and we even got to say hi to the bunny on the way out...Since it's Easter weekend he was there to visit with the kids. Mason didn't want to go up and Jackson screams so our 2 bunny lovers said hello:) A fun Family Day at Carowinds!!!

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