Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carissa's Easter Tea Party



Mommy has been so busy planning a fun girly tea party for Carissa and a few of her friends....playdates are so much fun so why not dress up and have tea??? Loving all the sweet girls in our neighborhood and that we can do fun things after school. Today the girls had lots of fun Easter treats, read the story of Peter Rabbit and made some bunny crafts. Mommy made edible chocolate bunny mason jars for the girls to take home and even bunny pails with their crafts in them. Each girl came dressed in a fancy Easter dress and got hats, gloves and fancy pearl necklaces:)  We had a festive marshmallow cake, mini egg nests, pastel rainbow krispie treats and even mini carrot garden pudding cups...they sipped on sweet tea and lemonade too in lots of Fancy Easter Tea Cups.  Hoping we can do this again next year because it was so fun to see all these cute kids enjoying themselves:)

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