Friday, June 20, 2014

A Roadtrip to Grinnell Iowa to see Family

This summer was the best...we got to take a trip home and even go see all of Daddy's family in Grinnell, Iowa....we went to Uncle Dan's House, bowled with Brent, Alyssa and Grandma Icenbice, had dinner at Pizza Ranch, ate ice cream in the rain at Dairy Barn....did I mention rain??? Well in the 2 days we were there, there was a lot of it....which made it hard to spend time outdoors but they loved bowling and the next day we all went ice skating for the first time...Uncle Dan helped Mason become a Pro and Daddy and I took the boys around the ice sure was tiring keeping everyone up on those skates:) We were so glad we could see everyone and the kids really had a great time...we were worried about all 6 of us in one hotel room but I could not have planned it any better we got home from bowling around 8:30pm gave all the kids baths and put them straight to 10;17pm I looked at the clock and all of them were sleeping...whew!!! That was sure some good luck....hope everyone can come visit us soon...we love seeing them

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