Sunday, June 22, 2014

Indiana Dunes Beach Trip 2014

We were really looking forward to heading to the dunes with the kids while visiting Chicago. They were only about 40 minutes from my parents house and I was hoping to give the kids time to play in the sand and water. They have a great store called 5 below by Gaga and Pa's house that we were able to find an inflatable shark, sand toys and boogie boards all under $5...awesome! We watched for a day that didn't call for rain and we tried to wait for Saturday so Gaga and Pa could come too. Pa was not looking forward to it as he said I picked the worst day calling for rain etc.....but to his surprise the weather was perfect, not too hot and not a drop of rain, well at the dunes anyway...the drive home we got pounded by showers. At the beach, the kids climbed the gigantic sand dunes, balanced on their boogie boards, played water squirters, and floated on their big shark.. Ryder was in heaven throwing rocks into the water, Jack just played in the sand and was a little more comfortable by the water...he is still wary since Isle of Palms when the waves from the ocean knocked him down and Carissa is a real beach baby for sure...Mason found a stag beetle and a snail which thrilled him...he was determined to bring home the snail to add to his fish tank but thankfully it didn't make it but a day or so at Gaga and Pa's glad we could make some memories at Indiana Dunes with our family...just like when I was a Kid!!!

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