Monday, June 16, 2014

Splash Pad Fun and Portillos in Chicago

So not a trip goes by that I don't plan a visit to my most favorite resturaunt in all of Chicago well besides White Castle of course:) Portillos Italian Beef Sandwiches..I mean really why do we not have these foods here in the south???  We dropped the older two kids off at Day Camp at the Frankfort Square Park District and took the boys out for some Italian Beef with Sweet Peppers and Cheese Fries...I miss it just sitting here thinking about yum! Afterwards we took the too little guys back to the Park District where we met Gaga on her lunch break and let the boys play at the Splash Pad for awhile...just our luck Carissa's Camp Group was heading out to play the same time we were there:) She and Jack loved it but Ryder does not love water spraying up at him so much...he seems to prefer the pools to sprinklers...oh well Jack and Carissa sure enjoyed there day and Mason had a blast on his fieldtrip to Laser Tag with his camp group!!! Lots of fun at home!

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